Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lounging with Loon: A new perspective in life

Life is all about going back to your roots, going back to the basic and search the purpose; the purpose of you being created by Allah S.W.T and what is your obligation towards Allah and towards human

I had an amazing opportunity to listen to a new perspective of 'dakwah' in which it was translated via a personal experience. It was indeed the perfect educational talk as well as a little reminder for myself that life is all about how you should get closer to your creator, in all sorts of way

Lounging with Loon was organized by Young Muslim Projects, a group of teen/young community who strives to unite young muslims in Malaysia or KL at least with all sorts of islamic educational talk, with one objective to know and learn Islamic deeper.

MasyaAllah, how we are so blessed with this kind of effort. I understand the hardship encountered by teenagers nowadays to really learn and know Islam. With some sceptical perception that Islamic gathering is only for people who vote for 'Green Party' and some cynical view on Muslim teenagers nowadays makes it very difficult to them to really have the perfect medium to translate it in a more adaptable way

Loon or Amir Muhadith was formerly a rapper for P.Diddy (he was in the 'I Need A Girl' video i think). Loon was born in the mid 70’s in Harlem, New York and born to real life Harlem hustlers, Carol Hawkins and William “Hamburger” Hughley, Loon grew up in the streets witnessing the harsh realities of the inner city ghettos. As a way to escape the craziness of the streets, he began writing diaries of his life with an imaginative twist to at least mentally alter the environment around him

While promoting his new business endeavor, “Loon” found himself touring the world performing in new, international markets. While touring in Dubai, an unsuspecting “Loon” would come face to face with a new awakening that would demand his attention as he heard the Adhan (Islamic call to prayer) being recited in the most beautiful, captivating way from the loudspeakers of the Mosques around him. Intrigued by this sound, he began an in depth study of it’s background, meaning and significance.

In his search, he found himself compelled to embrace the faith whole heartedly, and has become devoted in his quest to understand the true teachings of the Holy Qur’an, and life of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. *taken from Loon official website

Loon or brother Amir's interview mostly talked about his experience in the past and how Islam finally bring him to his inner peace. He finally found something that he was searching for all these while.

I was intrigued with his honesty and the way he bring himself now. The way he talk, the way he smile, I would guess that he did not change a bit from the real him. What really change was the way he sees things and his believe that there is no God besides Allah S.W.T.

[ booTak and Rahimi chit chatting with brother Amir ]

At the end of the talk, he told us a very interesting fact.
"Keep on asking for forgiveness from Allah because He is ar-Rahman. He will always forgive you on your misdeeds"

"Be patient. Allah will never test you if you are not capable of handling it"

I personally was really touched by the latter. A lot of things happened to me recently and there were times I almost give up on certain matters. Not anymore, I am indeed a strong person.

Thank you to Rai and Rahimi for the invitation. Educational double date is certainly a thing that we should do often



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