Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Okay, maybe I am a little bit too late for this, nonetheless it is always appropriate to just wish it somehow.

As a Muslim, we celebrated our new year yesterday, yesterday marked the arrival of new year in our Islam Calendar.

Well, there is not much if celebration here in this land, as this country is no longer known as the country that embrace Islam as its main religion. Sad, because we are so nearby; us and them.
There's not even a public holiday but I figured muslims here dont really mind as some of them dont even realize it was Awal Muharram yesterday

I would like to draw your attention to some of interesting facts that I feel act as hindrance to the development of Islam here. Well at least development to serve the basis of living here....

Here, it is very expensive to obtain a 'halal-certificate' from its significant authority. Im not too sure why it is expensive but yah it happened. As rightly pointed out by my cousin who stays here with her PR certs, thats the reason why most restaurants especially hawker stall wish not to adhere to it and expand their market, as they thought it wont necessarily break even their cash register.

Secondly, most of the organisation here do not pay adequate attention to the needs of performing prayer. Eventhough muslim comprises of at least (safely say; maybe more) 20% of the communities here, there is no facilities such as surau especially at high end places as well as main attraction/places here.

Hence the reason I find it difficult to basically love this country. Well besides the extremely low crime rate which I like and the safety for women to basically wonder around at 12.00midnight without having any fear, I feel i cant survive in this country. or maybe I can. Haih we'll see.

Till then



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