Monday, February 8, 2010

Putrajaya Night Run 2010

Venue: Precint 3, Putrajaya
Time: 9pm
Date: 6 February 2010
Distance: 7.7km

It is not even a marathon. It is just a short distance run. But I figured why not just run the Malaysia first night marathon. Would be fun I guess. But I was totally wrong.

The starting point was located in front of Perbadanan Putrajaya, where there was 2 separate starting grid for the categories where the real marathon runners were at the left side and the fun runners at the other side.

I didn't see the flag off for the 42 and 21km as we were busy running around getting ready. By the time we came back to the starting point, it was almost gun off for our category. This time we ran with big group of friends, najib + farah, atietot, zam + soraya while hassan running for the 5km race.

The first 2km was easy. Bootak decided to do his PB so he took off early. I was left with tot and I left her when she waved her hand and said "pergi je dulu"

So I did, I ran with 5.5 pkm for the first 2km and I felt slightly uneasy on my knee. I was like "damn not this soon" as I wasn't wearing my knee guard today. I slowed down and try to maintain 6pkm. My head felt little bit dizzy, I figured this must be the heat. Haih...I continued my run and when I reach the first water station, I didn't stop. Figured my power bar endurance lime drink is sufficient for now.

Suddenly I felt something on my ankle. This must be the reaction due to my knee as when I'm running with injured knee, u tend to carry your weight with the other side of your leg. Gosh, I still have almost 3.7km to go at that time. There was the second water station. I took the mineral water and sip it only to realise that by doing that I put more burden to my bladder. Huh, this is not good. (Port - a - loo at starting grid was a disaster so I decided to keep my urine with me)

I passed by one junction where lots of car were honking, waiting for their turn to drive off. And of course no police traffic around. One BMW almost took off at a bad time where runners were still crossing the road. I feel like I want to throw some rocks to the front mirror. Chill man!!! can't really blame those who don't understand why we run these kind of race.

My hamstring felt diff. I was literally limping. This is not good. I guess 3 weeks without training at all has finally bite me. This is the cons that I have to swallow for not practising.

I finished the remaining 2km with a sore feelings knowing there's no way I can secure the medal. Haih...and I did the unforgivable act. I walked. was at least for 5mins before I think this is ridiculous.

I think I've lost it. And when I saw the finishing line, the least that I can do was smile and did the 'peace' thingy to almost anyone with camera along the road. At least I win the photo right? As I ran towards the finishing line and enter the lane for N category, one marshall gave me a card. So I thought okie maybe this is for the meal, only to realise that I actually finished at position 300++ I think. I can't really see the number. So I asked "uncle, I got medal ke?" And he with his big eyes rolled at me "ya la, first 400 what"


That was the highlight of the race tonight.

It was my PW I guess.
But nevermind, ill try again for energizer. This time real business, 21km

-Nana Ali -


Julin Julai said...
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Julin Julai said...

wow! To run after recent minor oral surgery is quite a feat! Power tu!Congrats :)


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