Tuesday, February 16, 2010

1 Suara?

I always love concerts, pretty much actually. Whenever I heard about concerts in town, I will be the first person to check out the info.

Concert gave me this satisfaction, that I honestly can't explain. Some may complaint much; "too many people, too loud, etc...etc" but I don't seem to care much about those. My adrenalin strikes high everytime I heard the word concert.

So when I heard about 1Suara concert @ Istana Budaya, I got pretty sexcited! First of all, AIZAT!!!! Yours truly never like any male singer, Malaysian singer to be exact. But aizat is different case. I'll tell you why...

Never in my 27 (well almost) years of life, I adore male singer in malaysia. Well except M.Nasir...there are some singer whom I think talented but there's always something that will make me no longer interested to adore them.

Aizat has a powerful voice, good personality and good future ahead of him. I like him since his AF time. Yah I watched AF. When he sang, he managed to make me want to at least sing along and there's one time I burst to tears after I heard him sang anuar zain's song. Huhu

So I guess the concert would be the golden opportunity for me to hear him sing; live. And its worth it. Even though with sucky seats, swollen gum and etc etc, I had fun!!!

And the best part was when he sang "Lagu Kita". It was beautiful...

All in all, I love the concert except the part when siti was on stage. Get your own concert laaaaa

-Nana Ali -



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