Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Run, Run and Run

I have not run my LSD for so long already
The last time I ran long distance was 21km, which was during PBIM
Ermmm like what 3 months back?

I have been such a lazy ass all these while
Not even the usual Saturday run
I have skipped that for couple of times already

So, when I registered for 21km for this coming Energizer Night Race
I have second thoughts
"can I run the distance again?"
and can i drag my sorry ass to finish the distance within qualifying time

double sigh

I have to start again, so I guess this Putrajaya Night Marathon can be the kickstart.
Thou it is only for 7.7km
I believe its better than nothing

So to those who participated...
Good Luck and see you there


* the race guide

* the route map

p/s: I have goosebumps waiting for this Sunday. Yeiks... my 'gigi' date


shahliana said...

gud luck nana su!!!
wish u luck!!!


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