Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Goodbye Kev!

My fav contestant in TBLA has been eliminated. Kevin was voted out tonight due to lowest percentage of weight loss this week. But come on, how can he beat David and others, his starting weight was already 215kg. That's like 5x of my weight.

His determination is truly inspirational. His sweet personality, one shy guy and went through a lot in his life.

He was denied entry to university due to his weight issue. He only went out at night because he can't stand the insult and people mocking him. His only exercise was when he chew I.e eating.

How can you vote off someone who clearly need this more than anyone? And the blue team motto "Blue all the way" is sickening. They think they are the controller of the game. Blue team are just taking an easy ride.

I am truly heartbroken with this result. I was rooting for Kevin to at least be in the final. My only hope now is for Carlo to win this. Cause I don't want someone like David be crown as TBLA.

-Nana Ali -


Faramin said...

damn,terlepas tgk.ni niya punya pasal ajak main masak2.haish.

mclarenna said...

haha layankan niya mmg apa keje tak jadi buat b...niya gedek gedel apa cita?

Faramin said...

cita biasa je lah dia.pot pet2 je cam mak nenek.haha.


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