Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Baby all I want for...

Often when the day is near,
Friends and family longing for this,
So they dont have to crack their head,
Searching for a perfect gift...
A list of what their love ones desire/wish/want/hope for...
A long list of what we call a 'Wish List'

I usually have one,
Not meant for it to be advertise
But more to my own personal checklist of what I want vs what I should get,

This year I don't have any,
As for now I only wish for one thing to happen,


Men always get caught with lies
but Women?
Women always get caught when they follow their bad instinct instead of follow their mind
When they get carried away with emotion instead of using good judgment

I neither can retract my words
nor explain why

I wish I was dreaming
So when I woke up this morning, it did not happen

But I guess this is the moment when I should
"I am screwed"

and not even a screwdriver can fix it

and that makes it double sigh



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