Friday, February 19, 2010

Joyeux Anniversaire à Moi: Cafe Cafe KL

Le meilleur anniversaire jamais...
I was blessed with a thoughtful man in my life
For the effort made despite crazy schedule and long list of 'To Do' in his organizer
Merci beaucoup le chéri

So we went to Cafe Cafe yesterday,
Thou at first I really bought his lie that we are going to some Ikan Bakar place
At first I was like "aaa, ikan bakar ke?"
But nonetheless, off we go to Stadium Merdeka area kekdahnya...

But when we passed the turn to Stadium Merdeka, he did not take it
Hurm this is fishy fishy...
But I decided to just wait and see
Until we reached to this one dodgy street..and I was like errrr....pi mana ni
He kept smiling until we reached one restaurant and wallaaaa...
simplement stupéfiant

We were at Cafe Cafe rupanya.

A very romantic place with nice and cozy ambiance. Candles everywhere...and fresh flowers too. We were seated and there was the menu...full of names that I cant even pronounce.

Nonetheless we ordered these...

* his Duck Confit

* my Lamb Rack

Je l'aime!!!!!

Since this is not a food review blog so I am not going to comment on the service la, quality of food la what not
What I can simply conclude is

Je l'aime!!!!!

Merci beaucoup le chéri...

p/s: I got the french from a free translation website, so pardon me if its wrong. Hahahhaha

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