Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Wish (for)

So we had the chance to 'berbuka' together last weekend at the Tamarind Springs, Ampang
Again, no pictures to accompanies this entry, only a few from its original website (which is no longer in service. weirdddd). I think I need to get the camera la. Cikai pun jadik la...Hehehe

As we reached the restaurant, I told myself...
This is what I need for my day with booTak,
A nice, cozy, quiet ambiance for the 2 of us.

The entrance (view is even better at night)

I feel like I'm at Bali or something

Anyway, we opted for the buffet menu.
And boy was it sumptuous.
With the mixture of 3 different cuisine
Indochinese, Thai and Italian...
Me likey...

As I do not want to make my gentle reader drool over pictures of food, so Ive decided not to upload it. Plus, I dont have pictures pun. Hahhaahaa (okay, bad joke. I know, I know, I tend to make loads of it recently)

Started with 'Beef Kededek', Shrimp Ball and Mix Spring Rolls,
To quote what booTak said
"Its like an explosion of taste in your mouth"
Ehwahhhhhhh...bukan main lagi dia.

Then I continued with White Rice with Tom Yam Chicken, Garlic Asparagus and a beef dishes which I cannot recall its name. Yummy......

Again, another rice dish; Seafood Fried Rice, Garlic Squid and some mushroom dish, I almost raised my white flag but then I told myself how about some dessert

I had the honeydew coconut milk sagoo and Tiramisu. Struggled to even finish a bowl of it.

Okie, I know I didnt write the best entry here to describe the taste if it, then again im not a food critic but I would say this is the best place to go for a nice cozy night with your love ones.

Sedikit gambar yang amat kecil dr website lama itu

Okay, I have to do something. My blog is becoming boring day by day!!!!!!!!!



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