Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Wish (for) Great Feelings

Facebook(FB) does a lot of wonder nowadays,
People hunt for job via FB,
People event got fired through it,
And some got fired because of it...

It amaze me how FB is being used for more than just social networking etc etc
A friend of a friend of mine met her soul mate through FB,
I even read an instances where someone got divorced because of it...

I started my page in FB a year back with only 4 friends added. Little that I know that it will reach to 422 friends currently, which I bet on my ridiculous semi-government salary that 75% of those friends are not those that I closely have contact with (by contact I mean phone conversation, email, sms and what not)

With some statistics derived from my personal page:
  • 90% accepted friends request
  • 50% known through friends of friends (i thought it would be rude for not accepting)
  • 3% friends that I normally browse their page
  • 30% friends that I dont even know them
I couldnt help but wonder,
I am not doing any justice to FB world...
It is supposed to be a networking, socializing page while me on the other hand are using it just to upload vain pictures and feel good about my self

I feel bad for rejecting all those request for application sent by friends
But I came to a point where I dont feel like by accepting those request is a gesture of being nice to my friends anymore.
I feel suffocated whenever I saw total application pending acceptance reached even 500 request.
Is it just me or other people feel it too...

I am also amaze with how fast changes happened through FB,
Last week I saw a lovey dovey post on someone's wall,
The next week I browse their page (and by browsing i mean i clicked their page through their shocking news feed) they are not together anymore....
I dunt know...
I like the old fashion way of expressing my feelings when it comes to love.
Where only you and you other half feels it and the feelings is exclusive
Or maybe its just me...

All in all, I love FB still...(but dont love me any less for not approving any of your request)


kaki LARI said...

owh..ade FB..add sy nti..

mclarenna said...

okie, will do
eh masuk PBIM tak?


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