Friday, September 4, 2009

My Wish (for) Great Run, Great Experience and Great Life

76 more days to Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009
From what I heard from Helly (her husband participated last year)
It is going to be tough...
Participants parked their car as early as 12midnight and so-called campsite in the car...

Because there is no way you can reach starting point if you choose to sleep at the hotel and get out at 3am

But its alright...
I love challenges in life!!!

But the preparation for the run,
I have to admit i didnt run much during Ramadhan
Not saying that I blame it on Ramadhan...
More to my will power during Ramadhan wasnt as great as non-Ramadhan month
I know its bad..
Censure it on the Holy Month
But it wasnt because of the month, its me who should be pointing fingers at none other than meself

Hithereto, I only managed to ran 4 session
And each session the KM varies
The first time I ran 3.5km and it was really bad
As i need 25minutes to finish it

The second time I ran, I was the 'talk of the town'
Having the chance to balik kampung and berbuka with my family, will not be the obstacle for me to put an end for my running schedule
So I ran...
With my mp3's earphone plugged in, I ran consciously looking around if there are anyone who knows me and greet me.
Its not good when elderly at the kampung area say hi to you and you didnt do anything in return

I met one 'atuk' who was washing his car when I passes him by,
"Assalamualaikum, tak penat ke tuh lari2 tuh"
(Assalamualaikum, dont you feel tired running at time like this?)

"W'salam, eh tak la pakcik. Okie je ni" **senyum lebar**
(W'salam, eh no la uncle. Im doing fine" **smiling**)

Its amazing whenever I passes by anyone, they will greet me and say hello
Not just the elderly, even the kids
I feel like a celebrity on that day.

and it even amaze me when I went to terawih that night,
One aunty came to,

"Kamu yang lari-lari petang tadi tuh ye?"
("Are you the one who ran this evening?")

"Ha, ye saya la tu"
("Ya, it was me")

"Amboi, kuatnya...Kalau makcik la yang lari tuh, dah mati dah"
("OMG, you are so strong. If it was me, Ill be dead by now")

I love staying at kampung area
Because you know that whoever you are, there will be at least one person who noticed your presence
Generation passes another generation, if they don't know your name, they sure will know at least your grandmother's name.

It gave me one warm feelings that I certainly wont get living in this big city
I don't even know my neighbors...
Let alone to notice what they do and all that...

Hurm, this has got to change
And I hope with this 1Malaysia thing happening now,
The needs to be known as 1 and to live as 1 will be there someday
Thats my wish...


Zayani said...

nice to know u..
jmpe kt PBIM ye (^_^)

mclarenna said...

nice to know u too!!!
yah we shall meet up and run together!


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