Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Wish (for) Hot and Hot Bods

Nur Shazreena Muh... nyah
Nur Shazreena Mu... sori to say tis
Nur Shazreena Mu... u look so skinny
Suhana Ali/Ea/BNM ye keee??
Nur Shazreena Mu... n mcm cengkung skit
Nur Shazreena Mu... my honest opinion
Nur Shazreena Mu... tengs

What should I do?

As I tried to compare my previous look and recent one.
I think they are right
It does not suits me

* mind the pandangan belakang ku itu yang tidak berapa menggiurkan

When I saw this pic, I realise
Tangan haku ni dah secekeding yang mungkin

I have got to do something!!!!


@net. said...

eh what's secekeding?

No need to do anything, you look nice now. You worked out and this is the results.

All you have to do now is wait for raya and stock up on the raya cookies and mine (if I bake summore) :D

mclarenna said...

@net: babe, secekeding ialah damn skinny liddat. hahahha. and PLS PLS PLS bake the chocolate chip cookies more...urs is better than Marks and Spencer. hehehe

liana said...

ye la na...i agree u look skinny than before...i like the way u look when we were still housemate...bile skinny winny ni u look like sick people..hehe...(juz my opinion)

mclarenna said...

yana: alamak,mcm orang sakit ke? tak best ni. skrg nana dah makan menggila...hehehhe...


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