Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Wish (for) 'Temple' Peace

I received this from a friend today (via email of course)

And I couldn't agree more..
As I read the article line by line, I couldn't help but wonder why are they making such a big fuss of it.
Just because it is a temple? Or just because anything new and not-islamic-related will be banned?
or is it just because these people like to demur on things?
Dont get me started with whatever happened during the discussion
These people were shouting at each other, threw chairs and stuff...
Its Ramadhan for God sake...
Can you at least respect the Holy Month...

And the up most disrespectful act by these people...
The cow head incident of course...
I was beyond mortified!!!

I realised the fact that being the majority, we want things to follow what we deem right,
and from what I see, the temple wont deviate our akidah or what not...
Yes, it may cause add some racket...
But if they can tolerate our azan 5 times per day...
Why cant we do the same thing to them?

I cant say much...
I really hope this wont lead to things that will shake up and make our country more messed up than what it already is now...

Are they real Muslims?

by Prof Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi

letter to editor
Sep 1, 09 2:04pm

I wish to comment on the 'cow head' incident in Shah Alam. As a Muslim and as a Malaysian citizen I do not support such a wanton display of disrespect for Islam and for Malaysia.

As a Muslim, my readings of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad's traditions or hadiths have taught me to respect animals and other religions.

With respect to animals, the Prophet warned Muslims against overburdening animals in carrying objects. The Prophet explained a story of how a prostitute was forgiven her sins by the simple act of giving a thirsty dog a drink.

The cow is one of the animals which Muslims slaughter not just for food but also as a sacrificial offering of our thankfulness to Allah as well as remembering Abraham's 'sacrifice' of his son Ismail.

The cow is thus 'holy' to Muslims as well as to Hindus. Muslims sacrifice a cow for the aqiqah ceremony or during the Qurban celebrations.

Thus as a Muslim, we must respect animals that become our food as well as our symbolic act of sacrifice. Standing or putting once's foot on a dead cow is a 'biadab' act that speaks of a person steeped in racial bigotry and of a person low in education of Islam.

With respect to other religions, there were occasions where the Prophet taught me about my attitude towards them. Once, the Prophet stood up as a sign of respect when the body of a Jew was carried to the grave.

When dispatching the army to a campaign, the Prophet warned the soldiers from desecrating houses of worships, those who reside in them, the young and the old and even trees should not be cut down if necessary.

Never had the Prophet taught me to desecrate another person's religion. The great Indonesian scholar Hamka wrote in his magnum opus, Tafsir Al-Azhar that there are hundreds of thousands of 'Nabi' and they might even be the founders of other religions.

It is common to find other religious faiths making fun of Islam and Muslims but as a Muslim I will never be allowed by my religion to make fun of other religions much less to desecrate them.

As a Malaysian citizen, I wish to ask why these people who showed such contempt for the religion of the Hindus not be arrested under the Sedition Act?

Were these people given permits by the police? If so why were they granted permits to desecrate another religion? Why were they not stopped and told to disperse? If Hindus can tolerate the Muslim call for prayers five times a day for the rest of their lives, what disruption can a Hindu temple be?

Lastly, if these residents were proven to be members of any political party or parties, their membership should be revoked in order to ensure that we should not tolerate any political entity that uses racial hatred as their means of achieving political ends.

If not, then the said party or parties should be outlawed and their registration terminated immediately.

After more than 50 years of merdeka, I still cannot raise five children without the threat of racial disharmony and hatred. What does that say about our present leadership and future of our country?



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