Monday, August 3, 2009

My Wish (for) More and More Changes in Life

Its amazing how changes reflect my life...
If some of you might notice,
My blogs is somehow has slowly revolutionize from a casual leisure kind of blogs where the usual content will be what I do, did and a little bit of some juicy 'melodi' gossip
still has the former content but has been spiced up with a little bit of my latest passion now


With this new concept embedded into my blog,
Ive seen some decrease in trend of viewers of my blog
Maybe not all keen to read about running (melodi gossip is way better)

Anyway, review about adidas King of The Road 2009

As usual, pre-race preparation took place seadanya
Little bit of yoga session (for flexibility)
The carbo-loading (pasta,pasta and pasta)

* my number for the race...(nice number kan)

Arrived at Stadium Shah Alam at 6.40am. Since the 22KM run has started, we were diverted to outside of stadium traffic by the police traffic. shoot…quickly parked at shoplots and slow jog to the starting line.scanning for Raz as well but no luck. Shoot, does this means I have to run on my own? yeiks…

Arrived at the starting point, went to the reporting point, and exchanged the reporting card with a black bangle. The ‘registration’ process was rather smooth (at least to me). When we went inside, the starting cage has already been filled up. Yeiks…still scanning at the right side of the kandang, still no Raz…OMG…how ni….I was pretty nervous when I cannot spot Raz, this means I have to run alone this time. haiyaa…

2mins before the gun time. Again, I have to run 11km with no proper warm up (like SCKLM)…I didn’t do any stretching at all. I have a feeling this will bite me in the end. Haih…what to do…no time la…and as I was talking and wishing booTAK luck for his run, then “POOOM” the gun has been fired by Selangor Chief Minister. Then off we go…

I ran with my mp3 player still on my hand (earphone wire was everywhere) and after almost 1km run I realised something


SHOOT!!! (red font indicates DANGER!)

I forgot to set my running time.
haiyo…how la ni.
Knowing it was too little too late to set it, ive decided to just run based on normal time and try to do some math later on how fast my pacing will be. (FYI, when I run, I might do some simple math blunder like 42km-35km = 6km to go. APAKAHHHH!!!!)

After the roundabout and the long hill towards whatever jalan name is that, I realized something again. Why is that I didn’t experienced the breath chaos as usual? Am I going too slow? This cannot be happening!!!
So I quickly squeeze my way through the crowd and the moment when the road became ‘menurun’ I was hit by a man who ran as if like he only has 200m and another man in front of him. So you do the math on how fast he was running that time. I almost fell tau!!!! Membencikan.

With no sorry from him I continued my run with 70% of my spirit has been diluted like the 100plus water we drank at the water station. So I was like “whatever, just finish the race la”, then again I realized something…eh how far to go ni?


NO DISTANCE MARKER AT ALL… (eh ke saya yang tak nampak)

So again I was forced to do some math calculation, errm..ive passed 2 water station means approximately 5km la kot yek? look at my watch (7.35am, maka konsepnya 7.35am – 7.00am = 35mins)
7mins per KM? aiyoooo so lambat…but I guess I was too disappointed and got carried away with the frustration after being hit by the guy I decided to just run with the current pace. Whatever!!

Jalan jalan a little bit (ouuu I walked a lot this time) then I reached another roundabout which I don’t know whats the name of the roundabout (obviously). and being a person who are not at all familiar with Shah Alam road, again I cannot estimates how far more I have to run. haih…..whatever!!! (I said too many whatever during this race)
Then I saw 2 girls with sequence number ran together.
Awwwww…..I miss having a running partner. That time the thought of booTAK has finished his race and waiting for me at the finishing line crossed my mind.


I CANNOT LET HIM DOWN!!! (again, red font indicates DANGER)

Look at my watch again,
Too little too late to finish in 70mins.
So I ran my lung out when I saw the bumbung of the stadium (I predict it is still far to reach the stadium) but I couldn’t care less.
I ran and ran and ran and without me realizing it I was in the tunnel already.
Entered the stadium and


Kena buat satu round ke baru finish?
Heck no…the finishing line is THERE. (nasib baik)
as I was running I heard one familiar voice!!
Its HIM!!!!
We high five-ed and I crossed the finishing line and received the Qualifier Medal and certificates. YEAYYYY!!!!!!!! (yellow font indicates happines)

* The back view of my medal

* My medal and the certificates

All in all it was a good run
Water supply was enough at the water station
The road was not really hilly
But still,running alone was not really an enjoyable experience

With 2++ more months to Penang Bridge International Marathon, I believe I am up for the challenge!

Highlights during the race:
- met few new friends during race. But forgot to exchange contact info. But how la kan...
- saw Haza - Running Mom at the finishing line. She ran 22km. Did I tell you that I LOVE HER BLOG!
- booTAK finished the race with 105th place! Awesome


kaki LARI said...

hye..nice to read yr running story..yes..running alone so boosan..huhu..

running for fun..enjoy yr race..keep training..impossible is nothing..")

mclarenna said...

Hi kaki LARI,
running alone mmg sgt bosan. no motivation and u tend to be lazy kan...

ill link u up from my blog...nice to hear other people's experiences too....

hope to meet you during any of the race


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