Monday, August 17, 2009

My Wish (for) No Paranoia

As the days of our H1N1 mayhem is now over, I couldn’t help but wonder. How great a plan can be but with the absence of great execution, it will be futile

In banking system (and I believe so does others), we believe in having a great or at least good back up plan called Business Continuity Plan (“BCP”). So in the event, any hazardous, unexpected disaster happen, the system will continue as how it always is.

Sad to say, though we always emphasize banks to adhere to it, unfortunately we as the mother bank is not up to par to what expected.

With lack of official communication to the affected staff, the ABSENCE of ‘step-by-step’ action on what to do next, we were left puzzled. Being the one person that will always panic if I don’t know what’s going on surrounding me, I have to admit I almost went crazy with the paranoia in me.

“What if I have the virus in me?”
“Can I spread the virus even if I stand next to the other person?”

And these 2 are just the beginning of my endless list of questions with no definite answers

Don’t get me started with the quarantine process. It was unbearable!

One moment you received a message
“Due to your close contact with A****, you are required to work from home starting 12 August 09 till 18 August 09”

and a day after that, you received a call – “You are no longer required to be quarantine”


Even a small boy know the period of quarantine must be at least 3 days (so then you are certain whether or not you are the host of the deadly disease)

I know it is crucial to finish up all works in time (accounts have to be announced soon, consolidation of borrowers need analysis and result has to be done ASAP).

But, isn’t someone’s health is more important than that?


The uncertainty drove me almost insane. I have never been this paranoid before in my life…
I hope for this H1N1 situation to be over soon…
Me with face mask is so not sexy at all



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