Friday, August 14, 2009

My Wish (for) Health and The Good Ol Times

No more quarantine time
I hope they made a right decision by that...
So far, I have not develop/experience any related symptom i.e Influenza Like - Ilness (ILI)
It has been 4 days since that close contact days
I hope it is true that the virus did not font me to be their 'perumah'

Temp checked done this morning shows 36.4 dgr
Its sounds right
Wearing the mask at all time and when u walked past people and people tend to 'run and hide' when they see you,
Not amusing at all
I feel ignored!!!

whatever that is, I hope for this chaos to end soon
Im jaded!!

Ouh ya,
The conversation I had with ina this morning leads me into one thought
of your favourite boy band ever
Every girl has one
Those who said
"I dont listen to boy band at all"
"Boy bands are not cool"


Every girl has their own fav boy band where they dream one of them would be their husband
and sometimes even try to imagine how does it feel to become a boy band's star girlfriend
Well mine is
from N'Sync of course

*J.C ialah yang disebelah Justin Timberlake itu

I love him



and i love this song in particular

When the visions around you,
Bring tears to your eyes
And all that surround you,
Are secrets and lies
I'll be your strength,
I'll give you hope,
Keeping your faith when it's gone
The one you should call,
Was standing here all along..
And I will take
You in my arms
And hold you right where you belong
Till the day my life is through
This I promise you
This I promise youI've loved you forever,
lifetimes before
And I promise you never...
Will you hurt anymoreI give you my wordI give you my heart (give you my heart)
This is a battle we've won
And with this vow,
Forever has now begun...
Just close your eyes (close your eyes)
Each loving day (each loving day)
I know this feeling won't go away (no..)
Till the day my life is through
This I promise you..
This I promise you..

Im sure some of you now has a smile on their face
Esp hang elly...


Faramin said...

na,ni lagu favorite aku ni zaman bercinta dulu.gile byk kali repeat that song.

biwako said...

hahaha,gelak besar daku!!
of cos daku ingt..
lagu time muda mudi dulu

mclarenna said...

mclarenna to Faramin:
Hahaha...of kos la..korang kan adik beradik jiwang

mclarenna to biwako:
Elly, ko ingat tak zaman aku teman ko dating kat klcc? ice chocolate and mee RM15 (bak kata arwah mama)....

biwako said...

sgt ingt okie..


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