Wednesday, July 11, 2012

[Trippin']: River Cruise @ NYC

Okay, next is river cruise. If you have limited time but you want to explore NYC as a whole (see here and there a little bit that is), then this river cruise is the best option. It is called Circle Line Harbor cruise where it is a 2 hours cruise that covers Pier 54, Newport Centre, Battery Park, Wall Street, Ellis Island and also Brooklyn Bridge.
Info on the cruise can be found here Circle Line 42

Getting me self ready for the cruise...

some ship used during war, so they said.

ahhh better view of the battle ship

I dont really remember this one. the name ...ermmm...yah dont remember. I think its the newport centre. No?

This is some museum....

ahhh  this one that Ive been waiting to see.

You see trip to New York is never complete if you do not visit the Statue of Liberty. Its like you are not going to New York so to speak. So with this cruise, the cruise will make a 360 degree turn so you have twice the chance to snap pictures nearby the status

so near kan?

can see?

smaller me also smaller statue

the famous brooklyn bridge

its so much nicer at night but my cheap camera did not do justice to this view

The tours are narrated by professional guide and mine was really really funny that old chap. The cruise alight at Pier 83, erm its like 8 blocks away from Times Sq, you can take the bus or also walk if you like. It is also 3 blocks away from Hell's Kitchen so on your way back you can dine there. Its not the Hell's Kitchen Gordon Ramsay ye, its the street full of restaurant serve all sort of cuisines

The ticket cost me USD34. Its an open ticket for a year so dont worry if you buy it then you dont feel like going you can always go some other time or sell it to some one else.

But it was worth it. How I wish we had a better weather that day.



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