Monday, July 30, 2012

[Trippin']: Pareee Day 1

After 2 days at York, we headed to Paris via EuroStar train. tried to book JetStar however since we try to search for the cheap flight quite late, we had to settle with train instead

But Im glad we took the train. Its easier than having to go to the airport, wait for check in, luggage bla bla bla. Its only 2 hours ride anyway

At St Pancras International Train Station. Notice the Olympics logo?

2 hours later we arrived at Paris De Nord Grand Station.


Im in Paris, she said

You know that you are in Paris when you see almost level building with no skyscrappers

Headed straight to the hotel. I booked Excelsior Opera hotel located very near to Galleries La Fayette. Not just shopping actually, I chose this because the walking distance to underground is just 3 mins walking. So its pretty safe

The room costs us EUR200 per night, circa RM800 per night. Haih what to do, you want shopping safety you gotta pay for it

The hotel and the room was pretty small. Like really small. Only one lift and it can only fit 5 people max
Or 4 me

Complimentary refreshment

view from the balcony

My roomate for the night

So small kan

Nearby area

The hotel is just 3 mins walking as well to Galleries La Fayette so if you plan to shop till you drop, I suggest you stay here.

Went to Galleries La Fayette to purchase things that people ordered. LV, Balenciaga (but SOLD OUT), LongChamp (also some SOLD OUT) and checked out some SF stuff

After 3 hours spent, we went back and had some rest and later we went out again for dinner

You see in Paris, finding a good halal food may be a little bit of a challenge. I dont really speak their language so it was difficult to explain my situation

So safer choice.

Italian Pizza!

You can always go for vegie option of seafood option


Walked for 10mins and found this place

It was rather empty as it was still early...

The menu

My best friend

The restaurant's address

They serve almost all italian food but with some addition of French food as welll

Plain water for me and rose wine for nette

Complimentary bread and some funny looking oil

ahhhh, our salmon pizza

The pizza was delicious and seriously good. It cost us around EUR28 and in addition we ordered Escargot as well

I forgot how much was the escargot's

The expert trying to teach me how to eat Escargot.

Me trying

ahhhh made it

It was a lovely time, lovely dinner and we catched up with whats happening with our lives, work, husband, boyfie and all. I had fun during dinner and nette had it double. Blame the wine

After dinner, we walked for a little bit and went back to the hotel. Gotta rest for full day tour the next day

Ta Ta



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