Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bali o Bali: Part 4

Okay, finally...
Part 4

Part 4 of Bali Trip that is...

For Day 4 activities, we've chosen I've chosen to do a little bit of cycling. Word has it that cycling is the cheapest best  way to explore Bali and get to know the local as well. The way I like it

But before that, lets have some breakfast shall we...

Breakfast was prepared by the Villa and it was customised according to your needs. Say you want some maggie goreng and you want it spicy with ni vegie. DONE! Thats because they only cooked-to-order. Its only 6 villas anyway so buffet may seems to be a lil bit lavish

Served with a glass of hot drink of your choice (bali coffee, american coffee or tea) and fruit juice

But this does not come along with the order...annoying face had to wake up early for the cycling trip. Hahahhahaa

For this trip, Ive registered booTak and meself with Jegeg Bali Cycling Tours. Found it when I was browsing Tripadvisor for some tips on what to do in Ubud and this happened to be the No 1 thing to do at that time. Googled around for some review and reserved ourselves a session.

For Rp 350,000 (+- RM120), the tour includes pick up and return to/fro your hotel, mountain bike and helmet, breakfast and lunch, cold towel, fruits and drinks along the trip Not so bad right?

We've been picked up by Nyoman, our tour guide together with his brother and we met Paul another cyclist from Australia. There's 5 of us including one chap and a lady from Singapore. Didnt know their names as they were not so friendly


Our trip begin with a tour to Coffee Plantations. We got to know some of Balinese plantations as well as this...

Kopi Luwak or Civet's Coffee

This is an extremely expensive coffee where small cup (smaller than espresso cup) will cost you around Rp 50,000. Word has it that this is the best coffee in the world. It is made by coffee berries which have been eaten by Asian Palm civet then passed through its digestive tract. Ewww much?

The chivet

More info from Wikipedia

There were other types of coffee as well. These coffee were roasted by bare hands and processed manually to produce such aroma and make it a distinct features of Bali. So to speak

I think Ill end up doing it if I fail as a supervisor at office

coffee and beans

Workers preparing coffee samples for us

and yah we were cheapskate we did not try the civet coffee

after the plantation trip, we had a breakfast at Kintamani restaurant overlooking the volcano. food sucks to the max but since it is included I just bare with it

We started our cycling trip happily! enjoy the pictures

got cow summoreeeee....

sick of us much?

How about another one...

and one more

the weather was not really at our side as there were heavy showers 1 hour after we started. But me likeyyyy!


I like it!

after 4 hours of cycling high and low and 4 hours of torture to my weak muscle, we headed to Nyoman's house for some lunch. Prepared by his sister in law. Home cook Indonesian meal. THE BEST!

His house

Paul was exhausted

ahh, buffett

another one

starving and happy. weird combo

May I just say the maggie goreng was the best maggie goreng Ive ever had in my life. Seriously...

The tour ended when Nyoman send us home and we snoreeeeeeeeddddd for about 3 hours after that

To be continued



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