Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[Trippin']: Pareee Day 2

Day 2 of Pareee...

Started with a breakfast at Cafe le Royal, very nearby Galleries La fayette. Tried hard to waste time waiting for store to open as I need to find a new pair of shoes. my coach sneakers had decided to turn its life on me and I need a comfy shoe for the day.

Cafe le Royal serve normal kind of French breakie. Juices, coffee, croissants, pancakes and bread. One thing I noticed about cafe in Paris, all the chairs outside are lined facing the road. So if you feel like having a romantic breakfast session, looking at each other's eyes and passing some smitten smiles forget it dont sit outside

Seat inside, like us

But we were not trying to be romantic

We were just trying to avoid smokes from those smokers at the back

Haih....why do people still smoke it is beyond me

nette is ready for the day

the interior of the cafe

my yummy nutella pancakes

and her plain croissant. boohooo

her espresso.


Food here is a lil bit on the high side. You see, you can never convert EUR to RM everytime you want to order food because you'll feel extremely bengang to eat plain croissant for the price of RM15 mcm tu

My nutella cost me RM32


waiting patiently for H&M to open

feeling touristy with the pose

Shall update you with the full tour pic soon.

Now... zzzZzzzZzzzzz



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