Monday, July 9, 2012

[Trippin']: MET @ NYC

Okay, now I shall squeeze some time for NY update. I know itssss so not up to date, bear with me...

On sunday I made plan with Kiu to go to MET, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Word has it that this is the best museum to go for those who loves art and history. But if you love 'Night at The Museum 'Movie, dont go for this one. Go for National History Museum of New York.

Okay, so I refused to take the bus to go the MET. Instead I walked because I am a cheapskate NYC taxi is damn expensive, I thought of burning some calories. So I walked 16 blocks to the museum. 16 blocks I repeat. It took me good 26 minutes thou Google map said it should be about 20 minutes walking. shiiisshhhh. I think if I stay in NY for 3 more weeks Ill come back with skinny ass and sexy legs to pair it with...*sigh*

Okay, met Kiu and then we went to the entrace to pay the fee. The system here is rather weird. There is no fixed entrance fee to be imposed, visitors pay how much they feel they want to. some suggested $25 for entrance where you will be given the audio narrator that can pretty much be your tour guide for the day but hurmmm no need la for me. I can read whattt...

So, lets see some picture shall we...

Expect good crowd on weekend as the place can be pretty full especially in the afternoon. Plus weather was perfect that day so I guess they made their way to the Met from Central Park in the morning.

Theres so many sections in the museum and I am no good in being the tourist guide. I managed to go to several section including their exhibition for the week (Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations @ Met)  focuses about their views and fashion. It was interesting but unfortunately no picture taking allowed in that specific hall

 Theres others this one. Uuuuuuu so much for a detail eyy

The museum is huuuuuuuugggeeeeeeee......

Theres also section about Ancient Egypt. terrific arts here...

Walked about 3 hours and my legs cannot tahan already. went out and walked another 22 blocks okay to Dylan candy bar and Mangnolia Bakery.

After that, walked another 6 block back to friend's house and zzzzzzzzz

kaki screammeddd "I NEED REST"




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