Monday, July 9, 2012

[Trippin']: Central Park @ NYC

Okay, this is the famous Central Park in New York...It is a must-go place whenever you are in New York, you know why? because this place is hugeeee and you will experience park in a way that you has never been and will be (if you are staying in KL definitely)

Theres few parts of the park, central park west, central park north and central park south. Only 5th Avenue along the east side maintain its road name. Heck, I only covered east side I guess hahahhaaha and it took me 45 minutes of running. Haih... it is damn huge until you'll lost track of your whereabouts and you'll end up taking taxi back home. Yes.

I started the morning quite early. Its already sunshine at 5.45am anyway here so if you wake up at 8-am ish you are a late bloomers.

Wore my shoes, walked 3 blocks passed by 5th Avenue and walked straight to the Central Park.


And I found this!!!!!

I always saw in movies they shot some air pancut scene here. In fact there was a filming that time but I didnt see any actor/actress thou...

This park is really organised to the point where they build up track just for people who likes to take things slow...

The running reservoir is for slow joggers and people who like to walk around. Unfortunately no pets allowed. But pet here are behaved one. So no barking dogs whatso ever

Theres also track for cyclers so joggers wont be hit by them. Nice idea kan?

ahhhh classic pretzel sell by the carts. so you jog a little you eat a little yeah?

so many joggers. me likey...

even birdies want to take part also.

The park is so huge (834 acres ok), theres zoo, boathouse restaurants, and many more attractions. Every Sunday is a day for all pets to run around freely I guess. Or is it for every other day?

ahhh, I love the central park and would love to come back here again jogging. obviously with my husband :)



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