Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Wish (for) The King of The Road

I know I know...
All my post recently related to either run...or run...
To be honest, running keeps me going now...
I used to think that any sort of entertainment can release stress and all sort of other mind related sickness (err but I dont think running can cure mental illness kot. not to that extent at least)
But now I have moved to the other side of the fence...

Running gave me the satisfaction that no other activities can give (apparently Badminton stressed me out lil bit more...Maybe its the competitive molecul in me which overeacted)

Running does give me the feelings (like the 'aaahhhhhhhhhh' feeling) once Ive completed certain KM...
and I feel little bit uncertain when one day goes by without running

I know I am no professional or even to called myself an elite runner
I am so damn new in this
and what I can tell you for sure I WAS NOT A RUNNER (well at least not for long distance) before
I can never finish 3km without stopping to catch my breath before...let alone 10KM

well, things changed
and I believe so can you
Ive heard some comments from my dearest friends saying that they can never do 5KM
and some even told me
"You wanna run, run on your own, I can never do that"

Well guess what

Elly, if you are reading this, once Nik Baby reach 6mths, I am more that happy to run with you and to be your pacesetter (ehwahhh)....

Its all in your mind...
like what one of my good friend quotes

so just set your mind that you can...

My next run,
Shah Alam adidas King of The Road 2009
My category: Women Open 10KM
Qualifying Time: 1:20
Finisher's medal will only be awarded to first 250 finisher

Ive lost my chance last weekend during Siemens Run 2009 where only 100 first finisher got medal (the 100th runner clocked 1:08, i clocked 1:10...dems.....sikit giler lagi)

So I wanna do my level best for this run

As my pacesetter a.k.a running mentor wont be joining for this run (Fara, can you change your mind? Puhleassseeee)
and my ultimate pacesetter will run faster since his qualifying time is 50mins (baby, i know you can do it!!!)
Ive made new deal to run with Razitul ...another runner from BNM which I think she is super awesome
I hope I can keep up with her pace (well thats what pace setter is all about)
and to secure that Finisher's medal
because nothing is more rewarding than that!!!

p/s: ignore the colourful font as I am now in my low mood. I NEED COLOR!!!!!

im listening to Travis: Love will come through while writing this. This song has been in my player 'repeat' mode since yesterday....


Anonymous said...

that's the way to go....see u at adidas kotr...all the best.

mclarenna said...

all the best to you too...lets set up a running community and update each other on stuff

biwako said...

yessa,2 month lagi baby nik 6mth!!
mari kite berlari 3km/day!!

mclarenna said...

yessssaaaa!!!!sila tolak nik baby dlm 3 wheeler yg hebat itu

kaki LARI said...

running need passion...when u get the passion...nothing is impossible...n only runner understand runner felling...huhu

read dis articles:
running addicted..haha


mclarenna said...

kaki LARI:
Omg, so true. only runners will understand the feelings...

I read ur article..alamak mcm betul je addicted (but at least not addicted to run 10km everyday).hahaha
I seriously will feel uneasy when sehari tak lari..hahahaah...

kaki LARI said...

mmg bhaye da addicted..
BUT.. u need prepared one thing...
try to avoid injury problem...all runners akan smpai waktu ni...huhu..

so..be prepared..try to study how to prevent injury...before too late..hehe..jgn da jadi nti baru nk menyesal...huhu (dari pengalaman sendiri ni...huhu..xde org pnah bg tau pon...)



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