Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Wish (for) Books, Books and Books

Okay this may sounds like I've become a book worm a.k.a NERDDDDDDooooo
No im not
To those who wish to get those books you always wanted
But its freakin sexpensive..

Nana to the rescue...
Just give me the book title
and the mullah of course
I can get 30% discount for you
Yah yah yah
you may ask "eh how come pulak can get 30% discount ni?"
Its one of the perks for being a central bankers..

So you might ask again
"So does that mean, only banking related book?"
"no laaaaaaaaaaaaaa" (me answering in advance)
any book can..provided MPH/Borders have it la

so Harry Potter book ke, apa ke...also cannn

So, start compiling your list
and holla me at


p/s: Post ini tiada kaitan dengan the recent lousy iklan 'Budaya Membaca'


Anonymous said...

Dear Sis, Only at MPH this time around

farah said...

sounds like a great deal!!! latest title pun boleh dpt x??

mclarenna said...

shoot, MPH je ke? tapi kira boleh lah...hehehhehe

farah - any title...any book will entitle for 30% discount. Tengssss

@net. said...

hahaha I know which iklan it is. The lrt wan kan? HAHAHHAA. doesn't beat the jalaluddin hassan one with that teaches on budi bahasa.. helping the pregnant woman bla bla... stress keje

mclarenna said... the one with the full of elderly in library (trying to read of course) and someone received a phone call...SO LOUSY WEI...sapalah buat iklan tu

miaomiao said...

hi. found your blog while blog-hopping. 30% huh? is this a time-limited offer? or forever n ever?


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