Monday, July 27, 2009

I Wish (for) No More Cancellation


On one fine 'Jumaat', as I was walking towards the Bank Rakyat for lunch with Mr. Ir,
I received a phone call from Mr.BooTAK

Him: I have bad news...
Me: Heh????
Him: Mesne (a.k.a M Nasir) concert is cancelled awak..
Me: Apakaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Konsert Satu Wajah M Nasir
Note, this concert has been officially postponed. Consumers will be given an option to hold on the tickets (to a new to-be-informed show date) or request for refund. The mechanics for the refunding process is being finalized and we will update this column. Ticket2u.

We were really looking forward for this concert tau
We even cancelled participation in the night run @ Putrajaya tau (where the goodies bag worth RM300!!!!!)
Takde rezeki...
No information on why it is being cancelled I quickly google-ed it and browse my fesbuk M Nasir Fan page....


Dukacitanya, segala Kesulitan yang berlaku di atas penangguhan 'Konsert 1 Wajah' amatlah dikesali. Kepada semua peminat khususnya mereka yang telah membeli tiket bahawa saya akan tetap beraksi pada tarikh baru yang akan di umumkan SECARA RASMI minggu depan. - M.Nasir-on Wednesday


On another note, condolences to the family/relatives/friends of the late Yasmin Ahmad
Huge loss to the film industries and ads for that matters (I always look forward for festive ads from Petronas cause I know she directed those...)
I remembered all those ads cause usually it always managed to bring tears

Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat



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