Monday, July 20, 2009

60mins is My Wish

So we did the Siemens Run yesterday...(by 'we' this time I meant myself and Fara, my running mentor)

It began at 7.30am
I would say approximately 4000 people were there (not so many compared to last year)
And for my categories i.e Women Open 10KM, i would say dalam 800 runners ada kot...(or maybe more)
As i didnt bring my imaginary camera during the run,
So I dont have any picture to be uploaded here...

The route was rather hilly
Tersemput-semput haku especially at area Jalan Tun Ismail
But all in all it was awesome
And i managed to reached my personal objective: 10km - 70mins running
Those cheerleader at the final 1Km were really helpful

Next run: adidas King of The Road (hopefully I can do it in 65 mins)

On a totally unrelated matter,
I dont understand sumtimes why people need to be negative
and focus on the "NOT" and "WHAT IF" stuff
" I dont think I can do this"
" What If ** changed his mind"

You should believe in what you have
because once you stop believing...
That is when the unexpected will hit you



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