Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Whisk! Whisk!

Venue: Whisk Esspresso Bar/Cake Shop, Empire Subang
Time: 2.00pm - 4.00pm
Pacer? (Huhhhh!!!)/Partner in crime: Ina and Didi

I have been craving sweet stuff for a month already. In particular for a red velvet cake. Yum yum! After 2 failed attempt to get it, I finally got the chance to have the most famous Red Velvet cake @ Whisk Espresso Bar/Cake Shop

Words spread around famous blogger that their red velvet is too die for (not literally). And the macaroons too...uuuuuu...so the three of us finally managed to get a proper table and order the sumptious selection of cakes and dessert

Whisk is actually a family run business. Yup, from the cake baking thingy until to the person behind the cash register. They are super friendly too. How I wish I have the guts to actually ask the aunty to take her picture. Hehehe. She actually baked all the cakes herself with her 2 sisters and the son does the pizza baking job. I tell you their pizza is superb. Well I dont have picture but trust me its super awesome for RM14.90 worth of pizza.

So lets start, first you have to order la kan. So here goes:

* this is too cute

So we ordered the famous Macaroons, a slice of Red Velvet and Humming Bird Cake.

The macaroons were a little bit dissappointing I must say. Its too small for my liking and you thought that colors represent the taste of it. Errm...noooo....I cant really feel the difference between orange macaroons and coffee macaroons. Nonetheless, the texture of the filling is nice and perfect. Not too sweet.

Well, 10 macaroons for the price of RM18. (kalau beli satu je RM2). Okay la kot yeh.

So lets move to the other famous cake here. The hummingbird. It is moist and flavorful with chopped pecans, pineapple and banana. Erm...banana. Me no likey. I only eat banana for 21km race. Ehehhee..but i so love the frosting which is the delicious cream cheese.. *drool*

Ouh ya, the cake cost u RM14.50 also i think. Terlupa nak check bill.

* hum...hum...hummingbird!

Now...drum rollllll...
The Red Velvet
w00t w00t

It has a very distinctive taste. Really moist and the frosting is just heaven. Really delicious. Usually after the third bites of any cakes i would've stop already. I dunt really like an extremely sweet cake. But this one, every bite invite for another bites. Which is awesomee....
This is a place worth for re-visit. Definitely will be for another round of yummy pizza and the awesome red velvet. Ouh ya, they also have this mocha latte nutella drinks. But didi said its quite thick for her liking. Dont ask me, I dont drink coffee.
However, the place is quiet small. So if you plan to have party of 6 what not, errrm...think twice. The take out would be suffice.
Check it out at Empire Shopping Gallery, L03A


thenomadGourmand said...

I havent tried the red velvet!
But frm yr description it must be really good! cos I only tried the hummingbird - whc is not really hummingbird bu more like banana cake right - jz like u said!

ok, macarons - RM4.40 each - Nathalie Gourmet studio.
I'm gonna try tis we-end!

Anonymous said...

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