Monday, July 26, 2010

Sprint Fatgirl Sprint

Okay, that is certainly not a new title for newly reproduced version of 'Run Fatboy Run'
Aah. ahh...Nope.
Just a snippet of my next story on how mua managed to secure her first winning in Ministry of Finance Games (Athletics Event) last 2 weekends.

Ke garisan,
Pommm (mula ye maksudnya)

This is the 3rd year I ran for my organisation, representing them for the annual Ministry of Finance Games where one of the event held was athletics

I was selected to run for the Medley Relay for Senior Officer. Okay, by senior it doesn mean that Im old and the runners are those who always have their knee guard with them. Na'ah! Nope. Its 'senior' by virtue of the rank in the organisation. and Na'ah im not one of those highly ranked officer in my organisation as well, so I cant really explain why I ran for the Senior Officer
Nonetheless, I ran still.

You see my organisation rarely win event for athletics. I just dunt get it. During our internal athletics event rasa mcm dah power dah sprint beriyer dan sebagainya. Apparently, we are not good enough. So hence me running for the Medley Relay because they said they at least want to score some winning point.

For Medly Relay, there will be 4 runners. 1 women and 3 men to be exact. and the course of running will be 100m, 100m, 200m and 400m kind of relay. Yah, its weird and definitely not up to Olympic level what not. Not even Sukma kot.

So, we have 4 runners. Yours truly, Hariz, Rantai and Longson in the team. What makes it so interesting is, both of us NEVER TRAINED together before. Ehehee...bak kata abang Nas melodi, kita terjah je

* with my cuak face

* nothing to compared to Usain Bolt's gold spike. But I still love my spike

So we were running against 7 other agencies, namely LHDN, Kastam, BSN, SC, JPPH, EPF and MOF. So lets do some calculation, its 32 runners altogether.

* walking to the starting line. Ignore my huge ass pls

* again, ignore my huge ass. My back side has never been lovely

I was the first runner. Not by choice but more to like given to. Default. Women has to be the first runner. *sigh* ... I never like to be the first runner. Why? Because I freaking hate the gun off sounds of it. Its nerve wrecking especially when the official said "SEDIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA".
Sungguh berdebar

But this time around, I was quite calm. Maybe its because I just want to get it done and over with. Tak kose mak nak pikir nyah.

* mendahului (konon-kononnya)

* cuba mendekati pelari dari kastam kot yg kuning tu. Tak sempat berkenalan.

They said I was the first to hand over the baton. Hehhehe...well maybe itu ilusi optic dema sbb i was actually running on the outer part. Lane 5 to be exact so it may look like as if I gave it first

Nonetheless, we managed to get the 3rd position. Laaaaaaaaaaaaa.....3rd je ke some of you may say. But..but...I never win tau before. So kasik chance la. First place went to LHDN, Kastam follow suit and then us.

* gembira di sessi penyampaian hadiah

* awek amek hadiah sure lama. mungkin itu kata abang LHDN di sebelah

All in all, it was a good race. team effort I must say. May we win again next year
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RaYzeef said...

Congrats Bronze medalist :)

Julin Julai said...

congrats nana! Bestnya dia naik podium..tapi akak heran la..mana yang fat nya? mana? mana?

mclarenna said...

Bro Razif:
Thanks man, tapi bronze je la pun kan

Kak Julin:
Fat kak oiii..ianya tersembunyi gitu. Cheewahhh...


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