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Journey to Khmer Land: Day 1 (Part II)

So, it is still Day 1 story,
Only it is Part II

After we took a nap for about 2 hrs (that was after we reached the backpackers), our tuk tuk drivers came and fetch us. Ouh ya, time difference between KL and Cambodia would be an hour late (meaning we are ahead of them by 1 hour)...sekian

Our Tuk Tuk driver namely Usop and Hanafi i.e BungFi are two nice and friendly fella. Really nice until sometimes you feel like you want to give them thousands hug everyday. Wait let me see whether I have their picture with me yeh...
Yah this is Usop
So if you are looking for a tuk tuk driver who can speak Malay well, he is your guy then

* Usop the man. Mind the blurry picture

Not sure whether I have his contact number or not. But if you wish to have him as your driver, you can book him in advance by writing to his 'ketua' i.e Ustaz Musa at Ustaz Musa is the one person that provides cheap accommodation for Muslim travellers as well as food and driver. Well, since its cheap dont expect 5 * treatment yeh. Hehehe

So we head to our first destination for the day, MAKAN. Stomach has been producing some funny noises since morning and I think its about time to fuel us up. Irman suggested this one Indian Cuisine Restaurant name Maharajah. So off we go to Maharajah.. weehooo...

* the restaurant Maharajah

"Excellent new Royal Indian restaurant offering a wide range of delectable, fresh, authentic, hygienically-prepared Royal Indian dishes - vegetarian and non-vegetarian and uniquely spiced North Indian offerings with an emphasis on meat (chicken, beef, mutton, fish) dishes. The Indian breads are also excellent. The chef uses high-quality, authentic Indian spices. Very attentive service. Very reasonably priced"

from Maharajah website

It is located at Street # 7, Siem Reap. Theres a lot of indian restaurant actually in Siem Reap but words has it that this is the best. So Che Tat ordered this...

* the Prawn Beriyani (USD4.35)

Quite nice I must admit, but dont be fool by the portion size, it is actually quite small as all the prawns are hidden under the nasi.

Well, myself and Tot shared our meal due to stingy-ness as well as Tot dont eat much so might as well share it.
*chicken Masala (USD3.75)

We shared this together with 2 types of rice, Onion Rice (picture not available) as well as Brown Rice for the price of $0.75 each. Quite cheap huh. and we also had some Plain Lassi together with Lemon Juice. Awesome. So if you ever come to Siem Reap, do find this restaurant even though the owner is not so friendly. Huh...

After makan-makan, we went for some shopping spree. We were told to only 'window shop' at these shops as the price are like 4.5x than what it should cost you. Yeiks!!...

But one thing I noticed was that these people wont get mad at you if you ask for the price but you end up not buying it. In fact they even serve you with some cold drinks and fruits. How awesome is that. So not like malaysian salesgirl who only treat you once you look like you have money to buy their stuff....FAKE!

*more poseeee

So the right shopping place to be is the Central Market. Its basically more like our Central Market also but us is nicer. Hehehe.
The famous stuff sell here are mostly scarfs, pashmina, cambodian silk, clothes as well as decorative items. Yah. There are other stuff too like fridge magnet which we 'borong' like crazy. So for souvenirs we bought lots of pashmina for girls and fridge magnet for guys.

Their goods are really cheap. But us being cheapo obviously you would want to bargain for great value. A normal pashmina usually cost around USD5. which we managed to get it for USD1.8 per pashmina, that is like 64% reduction. Hahaha...and us being bankers, calculator was always be around us. And it gave the seller a helluva creeps.

The quality of the scarfs are really good. But cant say much for the USD1 (initial price) scarfs. All in all I must say that their goods fit my requirement.

Ouh ya, if you wish to shop for souvenirs, this is THE RIGHT PLace. cheaper than Old market and Night Market, yes!

*the cambodian scarfs

* berwindow shopping

*berjimba di jalanan

*the Siem Reap streets.

*the Old Market

After a tiring window cum real shopping sensation, we treat ourselves for some pampering session. Went to a massage centre located at one dodgy street that I cant pronounce it, only to find out that the place is NOT DODGY at all.

We all had an hour Cambodian massage that was really good. and it only cost us USD6. Yah USD^ which is equivalent to RM20.40. Believe me, I am a spa person, a massage person and there is no way you can get that kind of price in Malaysia. With nice ambiance, friendly staff, it just worth it.

*basuh kaki sebelum berurutan

For dinner this time, we went to D'Wau restaurant. Owned by Malaysian people, dishes served here are mostly Malaysian food. You can get Nasi Goreng Kampung, Ayam Masak Lemak, Chicken Curry and many more.

The restaurant was featured once in of the Astro Channel for the Kembara Halal Orient Kemboja ke apa ntah. The show that hosted by the cute Fara.

Located at 02275, National Road 6,
Banteay Chas Village, Slakam Commune, Siem Reap.

Ouh, they even have website k. But I think the webbie has been hacked recently. Sigh

So, that was it for the first day story. err no picture of food sbb dh penat and lapar.

Stay tuned for Day 2 story....


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