Monday, March 22, 2010


So, the most awaited week (huh...) is finally here...
No, we are not talking about any engagement, wedding or what not (huh, I met with one banker today and he congratulate me on my coming wedding. Huh? bilakahhhhhh...pandai2 je specu)

But I am talking about the Energizer Night Race 2010
Thats the one
As what my friend quote the race as;
'Apa nama lari malam yang korang pakai lampu macam nak naik Kinabalu tu?'

Anyway, as usual not much preparation...lack of time, absence of semangat juat as well as work constraint. Yah yah same old same old excuses. The only training I did was one 8km run with Fara and 6km run a day before that. Obviously it was not enough for 21km race but what to do...(again, lame excuses).

Whatever it is, I am still running the race. Despite the chaos during race kit collection, yah I will still run the race. Not complaining much but I think with the amount of money used for registration, the least that they can do is to let runner indicate earlier their preferred size. Poor booTak had to take women 'L' size vest as the only size left for men is 'XXL'. apakah.....

When I arrived at Melia, it was already 7pm. Yah I went it late due to Hot Air Ballon yang very disappointing. But that was totally my fault for not checking the event schedule earlier. As I entered Melia, I saw a few empty spaces and i directly parked my car only to find out it was actually for Valet Parking. wonderla Im the only kelisa there, others were Merc or the least was Honda Jazz.

One uncle came to me;
Uncle: "Miss, you cannot park here. This is valet miss. Where r u going?"
Me: "Err, I want to collect the race ticket la. Err, Errr (sambil lap lap rambut basah). "
Uncle:"Okaylah u park there but make it quick aarrr"

Hahaha, nice uncle. So i save on parking. When I reached the collection room, it was rather empty. The collection for Bib number was breeze, butttt....cant say the same for running vest. The only size left for women was XS and M. Okay I maybe small but not so small to fit in XS. Huh...suddenly i felt so down under when they said "you better take M, XS is too small for you" Haih...try to prove them wrong, i put in the XS still then when it fit, the only thing that came out from me was " Ha see, can fit whatttt"..then they burst into laughter. Hahahhaahha. Okay at least I gave them some entertainment kan? *wink*

For Men, haihhhh...I had to collect for booTak and also Harizal. and both of them are SMALL. When I said SMALL means SMALL. They are really skinny ok. So when I saw the only sizes left for Men was XXL and XXXL, my eyes were almost popped out. Haiya, how la like dis.
I consulted the man attending, and he asked me

Men: "how small is your man la, cannot be too small right?"
Me: "SMALL!!!"
Men: *bulat mata*

So, it was rather funny. I ended up taking 2 women vest for Harizal and booTak. Theres no way they can fit in that XXL and XXXL. Poor thing. Takpelah tak payah pakai la the vest kan.

* our number(s)

*my number

Even though they mentioned that organizer is arranging for more new running vest with more 'acceptable' sizes, I rather not putting the risk there. I think M will work for me.

To all runners, Good Luck and see you at Cyberjaya


Julin Julai said...

Wah, they let you get women's vest for the guys? When I asked if I can take men's vest ( to give to my bro), they said , " cannot..cannot. woman take women's la" Aisey.
But good luck for ENR ya.
See you there :0

mclarenna said...

Hi Kak,
Yah they let me, maybe because I was about to create some scene there. Hahaha..Plus it was already 7.30pm that time. Apparently a lot of men took women's vest as well but mostly to give away to their spouse, gf, scandal and stuff. Hahahha...Good luck for your full marathon tau! Hope to see you

p/s: I wanted to go early that day on collection day. told booTak "Lets go early nak who knows we might see doctor gigi". Hehehehe

mymay said...

happy running babeh :)


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