Monday, March 15, 2010

Journey to Khmer Land: Day 1 (Part I)

I had the opportunity to visit the Khmer Land early this month. Trip that was organised almost a year back and only materialised recently.
Initially, it was supposed to be yours truly, Miza, Irman, C.T, Ila, Lab and Nisha.
But things happened, shit happened so Lab and Nisha were out of the picture and the remaining spot was filled by Tot.

We arrived at the Siem Reap Airport after 1hr 45mins journey. Clean airport, friendly crew as well as fascinating interior of the airport. Nothing fancy like ours but it has some heritage elements that they preserved in the design. The airport has already pleased me...

As we stepped out from the airport, 3 'tuk-tuk' driver (or perhaps we should call them rider) were already standing in front of the main entrance, with the name 'Mr Hussain' on the waiting card.

I've ridden a tuk tuk before, but certainly not this one. It was actually a tuk tuk body but carried with a motorcycle. Certainly something new, at least to me...

* me and tot

* weee...sexcited!

* pakcik permotoran

So, this is the Two Dragons Guesthouse. Since opening in 2004, Two Dragons Guesthouse has built a solid reputation for providing the finest in service, information, honesty, and cleanliness. It is operated by the owner and author of one the most respected and straightforward Cambodia-focused travel websites,

Being the hardcore backpackers, I would consider this as a luxury accommodation for me. Hehehe...You wanna know why? Because Ive been to those with shared toilet before where you had to wait in line for your turn, where you actually paid for bunkers instead of room. So this is 'heaven' for me. Cant say much for others.

The reason why we chose this because only me and Irman had the backpacking experience before. The rest, NONE. So we dont want to shock them to their core by renting those $2 bunkers. Hehehe...So, with 2 single bed in the room, spacious bathroom (attached with toilet), this is considered acceptable for the rest.

*Irman with his obsessive compulsive disorder.

* some ground rules.

While waiting for our tuk-tuk driver. We took a nap

To be continued...



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