Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Biggest LOSER...

I am a huge fan of The Biggest Loser, US version or even Asia version. Every season (US version) I have never missed it and when its finally came to Asia, the chaotic is even more.

Every Tuesday, I will ensure my ass is glued to my cheap couch. I have to admit TBL was my biggest motivation when I started my journey to my own "biggest loser" experience. Even thou the amount of weight I have to lose is really tiny bit compared to these people, the effort, the agony were pretty much the same.

In the beginning of the show, I have my heart locked safe and tight for Kevin. The super big guy from Philippines, he is so big he weigh 215KG if im not mistaken. As the show went along, I also began to fond on Carlo Miguel. The other fella from Philippines. His determination and the way he carried himself is beyond imagination.

But I was totally disappointed when I watched the finale last Tuesday. Well, the whole world (or at least Asian) know now that King David won the competition. Huh. So this is why i 'Huh':

1. It was not really a fair game. The other 2 contestant took unpaid leave for 2 months to resume workout while Carlo had to juggle between demanding work, family and exercising. Believe me its not easy! So when the other contestant had their own sweet time, 2 session per day exercising while Carlo had to be a chef and fight the food temptation itself, it has agony. And to exercise 8-10 hours per day, ?????. even marathoners only run 4 hours a day.

2. He looked frail. By he I mean David. His face especially. He looked extremely different and it is not on a good way. Can't the fiance say something about it? I understand the desire to win, yah but to win it in a way that you actually look like walking skeleton. thanks!!! And errrr I think he did liposuction. Sorryyyy...

3. To look at it from humanity point of view, he dont even need the money. Did you see his gigantic mahligai house? It was obvious that Carlo need it more. *sigh* I guess God has better plan for Carlo. and did I mention that Carlo look lean, healthy and smoking hot? Hehehehe

4. On totally unrelated matters to David/Carlo, I think Martha is on Ice.

I hope for the second season, the production will monitor contestant's progress periodically after they leave the camp. Well, David said it himself, he is willing to do almost anything to win. And that may include lipo kot yeh? and please, improve on the quality of your finale. Suara Sarimah tenggelam.

Well, this is just my hatred talking. Hehehhe.....


Julin Julai said...

I got a big laugh when my hub said david looks like a chimp. Jahat but true sort of. America's TBL winners are always muscular with a healthy glow and not scruffed and frail like this guy.
And he's 25? Yikes, he looks much much older.

mclarenna said...

omg aah. he looks like chimp. Hahahha.. I kept saying to my friends he look like serangga. Hahahah....Yah the weight loss should actually muda-ing you instead he look like my uncle.


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