Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bali oh Bali: Day 2

So, I will now jump straight to day 2 of my Bali getaway...
Woke up at 6.30, get ready for rafting event today
Boy I was really looking forward for this...

Breakfast then served at 7.00am
Yah, too early for my liking but what to do. We need to make a move by 8.00am to Telaga Waja as the journey will take approximately 2.5 hrs from the hotel to the starting point.

* sleepy still

We had Indonesia Mee goreng (which was more like indomee goreng actually) and Nasi Goreng. We had difficulties in getting good halal food as meat include chicken are not halal there. So we dont want to take any risk, so plain indo mee goreng and vegetarian fried rice seems enough

* the plain indo mee goreng and nasi goreng

Shuttle provided by the tour agent reached the hotel at 8.15am. Later then we were joined force by another couple, newlyweds to be exact for the rafting activity. Meili and David, a nice couple from Jakarta Indonesia.

The adventure starts a scenic ride through Bali's beautiful countryside takes us to the starting point in the village of Muncan in Karangasem, northeast Bali. Once there we were divided into groups of 4 persons and a guide, which in this case Meili/David and guide Becki

The journey take us through tropical rain forest, breathtaking waterfalls and wild countryside on this exciting adventure. The Spirit of Adventure begins in the hills below sacred Mount Agung on the Telaga Waja river, perfect playground for this exhilarating sport.

* us with Becki. Meili and David (the newlyweds)

* @ the waterfall. weehooooo

* dayung laju laju

* @ the beginning of the journey

The whole trip (back and forth) took us around 7hrs. But it was worth it considering we paid lesser than RM100 for it. Here, one rafting trip cost us RM180 (see the huge margin?)

Haih...then once we reached the villa, rushed ourselves to get ready for Kecak Dance trip later in the evening. For Uluwatu trip, we were guided by Pak Wayan, the same supir that I had for my previous Bali trip. Superb

I will talk about the Uluwatu trip later in the next post as it need one entry on its own. Hehehe...
Right after Uluwatu, we went to Jimbaran for dinner along the beach. The last time I went to Bali, I have no interest whatsoever to go for the dinner. Maybe the fact I was with bunch of girls that time make it less appealing to have a romantic candle light dinner along the beach. Hehehehhe

So we went to Aroma, one of the so many restaurant along the bay, suggested by our supir. It was not that great actually but I guess that would be pretty much the quality for all restaurant along the bay.

* restaurant aroma

We ordered Ikan Bakar, Udang Masak Asam and Fried Calamari for the price of IDR250,000 or more or less Rm90 for us. We invited our supir to eat together with us but he politely declined. "Nggak biasa saya ibu" (Allah, dah jadi ibu pulak haku)

* the fish, calamari and shrimp

* the amazing ikan bakar

* eating his calamari. haih...

* my sad face for not getting the butter mussel.

While having dinner, there was a group of singer with their instrument came to each table and sing some songs for the customer. The amazing thing was they managed to sing and speak in all sort of language. Name it. Japanese, Spanish, cool

So they came to our table and sang us "Letto: Ruang Rindu" and "Samson: Kenangan Terindah". Hehehehe...

We headed back to the villa after dinner and rest for tomorrow jalan jalan. Its gonna be a long day tomorrow...

* @ SilQ Villa Bali. I love this picture...cause I look tall. Hehehe

** to be continued **


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wah the baju like very nice. and the pose like terangkat sikit aso very the nice. did you mandi manda in the kolam where you posed? HAHA.



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