Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Terry Fox Run 2009

Event: Terry Fox Run 2009
Distance: 5km (advance route) and 3.5km (family route)
Venue: Lake Garden, KL
Date: 1 November 2009 (Sunday)

Again, this year we participated in Terry Fox Run. When I say 'we', I meant me plus the BNM Volunteer Team as well as my bootak. As this is for charity i.e cancer awareness and research, so no frills. Registration is not needed, just buy the T Shirt and then run

This year, BNM Volunteer sent 107 participations (which I believe 70% of this figure turned up on the event day). Impressive I must say compared to last year where only around 15 participants from BNM

So the day started with us walked from Padang Merbuk to the Lake Garden. You can already see sea of 'black' shirt walked to the starting point. Im not too sure why this year they went to the dark side. Instead of white shirts last year which I think is more suitable for Malaysia weather.
That one is another story.

So after BNM team flocked, we did little bit of stretching.

* Reza as the leader.

* regangkan tangan

* tarik nafaaasss....hembusss...

After stretching bit, of course some cam-whoring moment.
So we decided to take a LOMPAT picture

Fizri as the photographer counted 1,2......


Apa daaaaa.....sekali haku je yang lompat sorang sorang
(and that lady also)

But i like the picture
Looks like im flying....

"come fly with me..."

This should be Air Asia ad...people flying since Now Everyone Can Fly.

Finally we got the lompat picture of all BNM Volunteers for Terry Fox Run
As well as some skema picture

* bersopan santun rakyat BNM mengambil gambar.

Ouh ya, I forgot to talk about the run itself.

They should have start earlier. PERIOD! Starting a run at 9.00am was not a smart move I must say. I was really, really HOT. When I complained about how hot it was means it was really hot. (cause usually I couldnt be bothered).

The race started with 2 flag off. One for those on wheels and second bit for normal runner or I must normal participants. The first 1KM everyone walked, walked and walked (because there was no space to run anyway). Organizer might wanna consider doing it on normal road like how Siemens Run do it every year.

we took the advanced route. the advanced part was the only part that I like because we ran along the road to Carcosa. It was not as hot as the route at Lake Garden. Right after the run ended, I feel like I had just taken a crazy roller coaster ride. Pening.............

All in all it was fun! fun and fun



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