Thursday, November 19, 2009

PBIM: Here I come

I only have myself to blame
For a very bad time management on my side
For those work that has been piling up and require my immediate attention

I know some might say
"kerja banyak tapi sempat je update blog"
Blog can de-stress me so I use this quality 5 mins break to update my level of stress

I seriously dont know what to expect this Sunday
As this will be my first half marathon and with lack of training,
I am not expecting any good time clocked for the run
I really hope I can finish it strong

To be honest, I once had a thought to just quit without trying
Then again I realize the reason why I started running at the first place
The real reason why
So here I am
Trying the distance
Hoping for the best

Ya Allah,
Lindungilah dan bantulah hamba-Mu ini


kaki LARI said...

hello nana..dont worryla..just be confident to finish da race...if u WANT it u can do...half marathon event sebenar to challenge yr mental and physical...just run with yr buddy n enjoy da race...kalo takut rehydrate, bwk ape yang patut (air,powergel ke)....GUD LUCK to u and mr.botak...all da best..! hmm..also prepare something to avoid yr blister..dats da important..SEE U THERE>>!


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