Monday, November 16, 2009

Aku Wanita Biasa Biasa

Bisa Sakit Luka Karena Cinta
Dingin Sepi Kerap Menyapa
Air Mata Jatuh Lukisan Raga

Kadang ku Kuat Setegar Karang
Kadang ku Rapuh Lemah Liar Merana

Maafkan Aku Bila Hasratku Keliru
Sulut Gairah Jiwamu
ku Yang Dosakan Cinta Kekasih

Aku Wanita Biasa
Kris Dayanti

During my time in Bali recently, every time we had regardless lunch, dinner or even tea at any place, the tv shows news about Kris Dayanti and obviously its about the latest chaos on her marriage to Anang.

Little that I know that kind of news will be so huge in Indonesia (that includes Manohara story. Haih I thought we are over it already)
KD was labeled as the biggest bia*** for cheating to her husband. And Anang in contrary is one of the hottest and most wanted eligible man in Indonesia now. Wow...thats what you get when you were married to the Diva and she cheated on you

The whole island talked about KD, i guess that would be the case here if ever (** touch wood**) Siti Nurhaliza cheated in her marrieage


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Wah, saya suka lagu nie! Hehe..

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