Friday, May 7, 2010

the PAIN ball!

Hence the name, I should not waste my energy to describe how painful it was the experience
I Likeeeeeeeeeeee.....
Why one may ask? Buat sakit badan je bengkak bengkil sebab kena tembak

The satisfaction i just cant describe.

The day was called "This is WAR not love"
Again, hence the name so I should not describe again why it is named as such.
There were 14 of us which makes 2 team(s) of 7
Initially 20 people signed up but only 14 has the guts to come on the day.

Event took place at Uniten itself. Yes, I miss the place and all the memories. I miss wasting time at cafe waiting for next class. Not much of difference noted though. However, I recogn theres a lot of new houses/apartment build up. Maybe to cater more students

Anyway, we checked and test our marker, geared up and ready to fight the battle. Chewaahh beriyer je

* with Nawal testing our marker

* with Nawal...again

There were 3 of us, i mean girls. Me, Nawal and Zuret (picture not available). Zuret was the most powerful player I must say. Hebat and fearless. Tabikkkk...

So we had 6 games altogether with 3 different game plan; Flag Grabber, Defense Attack Mode and Last man standing (so called). and boy was it grueling. Hahhaha at least for me. I end up with 5 bruises on my body, couple of hand shots and NO HEAD SHOTS. Hebat? Think twice. Maybe I was good in hiding myself. Hehehehhe

End the game at almost 2pm, with NO PALLETS left (we had 500 per pax initially). Siap tambah pallet sebungkus lg
Had lunch and head back home after some lepak session with copot. Panjang sungguh sessi hati ke hati kami

* all

* my team: Super Loser yang sangat tidak loser

Repeat ada berani? (alamak so rempit)



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