Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tercipta Untukku

** This is long overdue post**

Aku ingin engkau selalu
Hadir dan temani aku
Di setiap langkah yang menyakiniku
Kau tercipta untukku
Sepanjang hidupku

Pasti waktu akan mampu
Memanggil seluruh ragaku
Ku ingin kau tahu ku selalu milikmu
Yang mencintaimu
Sepanjang hidupku..

- Tercipta Untukku - Ungu

That would be the lyrics of my upmost fav song ever. Yes! This is considered old song for this group but it has never bored me. Everytime I hear it aired on the radio, automatically my finger will go straight to the 'Increase Volume' button on my cheap Kelisa radio.

And having the chance to actually go to their concert is bliss. Okay it may sound exaggerating to some but it was to me. and yah Pasha ungu ya ampun comel bangat!!!

We reached Bukit Jalil Nasional Stadium at around 6.30pm and we were shocked. I think we managed to park like smack in front of the stadium. And as we searched around still tak ramai org. Im confused. Even the crowd for Akademia Fantasia concert was better than ours.

I believe this is due to the Double Trouble concert held at Mont Kiara. Yah. As I read the newspaper last Sunday, there were 20,000 people in Mt Kiara that night. yeiks...no wonder org sampai pengsan pengsan and muntah

Nonetheless, I still think Ungu concert was awesome. Yup! Awesome.
I wonder whether I should upload the video that I recorded, but better not. Or else you will have hearing problem for about a week listening to my sumbang-sih voice. I think I overpowered Pasha's voice

* Pasha yang comel. Okay I am being typical.

All in all I love the concert. Err except the part where some kerabat diraja came to the VIP box and sesukahati letak kerusi depan sekali and duduk situ. Pity those who actually make an effort to buy ticket early just to grab the front seat to see Pasha dengan clear gitu. I know you are VVIP but at least show some respect to another human being. As one kakak rightly mentioned it, "Kubur sama je weii".....which i thought was pretty brave of her to do that in front of the royalty line of bodyguards. Surprisingly bodyguard buat muka selamba je.
Okay, i give the concert 4.5 bintang
*wink wink*
On another matter, I am extremenly looking forward for this coming Friday. for the Thomas Cup Semi Final! w00t w00t!



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