Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Support System

Everybody has their own support system. Some may take food as their support system, some has their friends and some rely on their parents.

And some only have themselves to rely on...

I take it as a compliment when somebody turn to me for piece of advice. It means I appear trustworthy to them. It means I appear as a strong person to them

But who am I to really decide what they should do with their lives. Even I am drowning in my own personal dilemma and stuff.

When one came to me for their problem and concurrently I am in the same boat, its double whammy!

I fear for bad advice that I may give and I fear for bad reaction that I might portray.


Can I still be that trustworthy person that they hope to have as a support system?

Can I?

Okay this is bad. I am talking to my blog

And that makes it double sigh
-Nana Ali -



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