Thursday, April 22, 2010

FB Status: To Update or Not To Update?

I always have problem with FB status,
Not that I dont know how to write it, but more to how to manage it.

Here are 9 most types of annoying people on Facebook:
  1. The Gamer (The invites and games update will never end)
  2. The Event Coordinator (they invite everyone to everything)
  3. The Desperate Marketer
  4. The Horrible Phot Tagger (they practically tag almost anything)
  5. The Rash (your most loyal follower, comments everything that you updated)
  6. The Quiz Taker (Gosh I Hate this one. If you feeling BLUE or something, keep it to yourself)
  7. The Passive Aggressor (they post well rehearsed retorts without mentioning anyone by name)
  8. The Filterless (they post almost everything, even something that you dont even want to know)
  9. The Infant profile (well I reserved my comment on this one. I LOVE INFANT PICTURE AS PROFILE PICTURE)

So, I hate the above. Maybe not all but most of it. Its annoying dont you think. And some might do it to get some attention from their follower. I dont really like it. To post something that is considered quite personal and stuff. Oh well.... one can only say

So when I posted something on my status this morning

"it has been 11 days now"

I received at least 5 messages asking me how am I doing? Am I in pain? or anything related to that...


I have to say, I am impressed! Impressed with what FB can bring you. I received one message even from someone that I dont even know. It shows FB people do care (genuinely).

Well, lets not just push it.

I stil hate those photo tagger.


p/s: How do I erase those status? now I am literally annoyed with those messages. Hehehhehhe


Anonymous said...

Hide them.


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