Saturday, April 17, 2010

Its all about managing...

"I'll manage"

"Don't worry, we can manage this"

These are some example of people who are optimistic enough: to them they know everything can be done or rather solved if we can manage it in a way it should be.

I totally agree on this. Its all about managing. Managing yourself, managing your stake holders as well as managing the surrounding/environment.

But what if you have too much already on your plate? How do you manage that?

I am facing a long series of unfortunate events. It totally drenched out my energy and sometimes I even have this feeling maybe I should just quit, and give up.

But someone dearly told me that nothing can't be solved in this world. It is just a matter of time and ur surviving skills. I sure hope to come out from it alive. But one can only hope...

But at least hope is still part of being optimistic right?

-Nana Ali -


shahliana said...

na, u're a strong women!!
liana tau nana can handle everything coz u're one of my idol...
u can settle anything that came into ur way n even though sometimes u stuck with the prob, but u managed to handle it with..
trust urself!!!

mr-ir said...

nana, you tak cantik...heheheheeh


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