Monday, January 13, 2014

The Capital C

The Capital C stands for Chanel

I've been having a lot of orgasmic dream of having a Chanel bag to call my own. So I told myself, dream can only be true once you materialise it. However, this dream is not cheap. Generally we know how much Chanel cost but none would understand why it is worth it to have one

I recently read a blog post by on Top 10 reason why you need to own a Chanel Bag and I told myself, it does make sense. I did some imaginary calculation in my mind that I have been wasting too much money on other designer handbags that if I add up the number, I could easily own myself the Classip Flap.

I know people in their right mind would not agree with this calculation, because truth is that purchase of other designer bags should not happen in the first place. I have people surround me who always criticize me for every purchase that I made, I know its true what they say about bags are all the same but hey nothing is the same with Chanel.

Ever since I gave birth to Adam, I have yet to purchase anything big for myself. So I thought this could be the right time. My very own push gift to me

Now who is in concurrence raise your hand pls!



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