Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The final prep

 The final preparation before the grand arrival

Growing up we both dont really have the privillege of having our own room.
5 siblings of mine, yeah we like to cramped our life with each other
Thats how close we were when we were little

So, I thought for a change maybe we should have this concept of having own room for our kids in future
Kononnya can instil responsibility and accountability of your own room, well that kind of stuff

Hahaha, lets see how far can this go

So, some picture of the new room.
But not a full one cause we have yet to decorate and paint the room
I am still indecisive on the color

Not yet baby's stuff, mummy still wants to conquer the room

Daddy-to-be trying to figure it out, baby cot 101

The closet, at least for now. Not sure how it will looks like once clothes flood the area.

Some clothes for now. Still nicely hang.

Some of the baby's bathing need. I figured lets go organic this time around

The changing area. What a view huh? changing diapers sambil melihat kehijauan alam sekitar

To date, we have completed most of the must-have
Except for the infant carrier. Have got to run and get it soon.

I am still contemplating whether I should get the rocking chair from Ikea
Konon to use while breastfeeding
me and style

Okay, what else?

erm, will flood you with post soon
Since I am so freeeee now
Not working feels weird you guys



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