Sunday, April 22, 2012

Trippin': Day 2 [York]

Day 2 at York
It was a shiny morning, with a little bit of clouds...
No sign of rain just yet

Anyway, day 2 plan was filled with sight seeing around york including going to The University of York where Annette is undergoing her Master now

Since I dont have the opportunity to undergo Masters abroad, might as well pay a visit to the university


[didnt I tell you buildings in York are breathtaking?]

[I miss my uni time]

[feeding the ducks while taking a good look on surrounding areas, fear of goose flying towards us]

[ducks loves us]

[i am not too sure why ducks loves uni]

[in front of one of the faculty]

Right after the uni tour, we took the bus to the city hoping for some good weather to take some nice pictures of York.

In the UK, most university provides free transportations for their students to travel around the campus and to the nearby city. University of York has that as well however going to the city may require you to spend 1.70pounds for it depending on which bus stops you alight yourself.

The journey from the uni to the city center took about 5 minutes, quite near and we went straight to the Clifford Towers. It is one of the heritage buildings in York and it is on the top of the list of Must-Go when you are in York.

Admission Fee is 5pounds but since I am a cheapskate I did not go inside. Hehehe...Instead only picture taking session at the tower

[the tower was not open yet at that time]

[i looked so small kan?]

Another must-go place is the York Dungeon. Word has it that York is the most scary city in the UK. Hurmm...

So in the York Dungeon you will have a tour, a scary one to show all the hantu and stuff. I forgot what is the admission fee.

Every touristry attractions in York will involve ghost and spirit. So if you are not a big fan, dont go. Just take pictures from outside, like me.


After some sight seeing session, we went to the York Factory Outlet where tonnes of luxury goods as well as normal goodies are sell at a lower price in comparison to normal retail

My aim was to get some Thomas Pink shirts for booTak, Clarks shoes as well as other stuff

The Outlet is not as big as the other outlets in the UK likes Bicester Village and all and has lesser designer stuff.

Almost 4 hours wasted there, we went to the city to do some sight seeing again while waiting for Ali to finish up his class

[walking walking only]

[sunshine, me likey]

[York Bridge]

[went to the Museum Gardens to chilleks]

[kids playing around. love this scene]

Head to de'Clare cafe for some drinks and my mission continues here to find the best Hot Chocolate in town

de'Clare serve all sort of pastries and cakes as well as selection of drinks; cold and hot. Annette ordered Mango Juice (2.50pound), Ali had Latte (3 pounds) and I ordered their famous Hot Chocolate (3.50pounds)

The hot chocolate here is basically hot skimmed milk with chocolate sticks where you have to roll the choc sticks in the glass so it will be dissolved in the hot skimmed milk. Verdict? It was quite thin and all I could taste is just the milk. I may probably have different experience should I opt for second stick but second stick will cost me additional 2.50pounds (thats about RM12.50) which is so expensive

Ouh ya, when you are here never convert to RM5 per pound. If you do that, you'll end up starving as you feel sakit hati to pay RM25 for just one slice of cakes

[rating 2.5/5]

[the chocolate sticks melt in literally 2 seconds]

[the usual suspects]

After de'Clare, we head to M&S for some simple food to tapau for tomorrow's journey and continue our jalan jalan before dinner.

[we had no idea how this machine works]

Dinner time, we went to Evil Eye's Lounge to satisfy the poor malaysian crave for local food. Not so much for me but for them as it is very difficult to have local food here.

In the lounge, they serve food from Asean countries such as Nasi Lemak, Assam Laksa, Curry Laksa and all that

[nice place to chilleks]

[the menu. cooks here used to stay in Spore. I feel tak sedap hati already when he mentioned he stayed in Spore for years. Spore food tak sedap maaa]

True enough, it was not up to our expectations. Assam Laksa was too thick and it was milky. More like Laksa Singapore. The Curry laksa was so-so

[my pad thai, not so nice also. 7.90pounds]

[they teach you how to use chopsticks k]

[the assam laksa. weird kan?]

After dinner, we gossip for a bit and went home. Rest and get ready for Paris the next day....



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