Saturday, April 21, 2012

Trippin' : Day 1 [York]

After much blessing obtained from booTak and family, I flew 16hrs journey to the European Land,
UK and Paris...

No la not to run away from him, but I was taking the opportunity of the Easter Holidays to visit friends...

Anyway, landed safely at Heathrow Airport, took a train to Paddington Station, underground to King's Cross Station and off I go to York, to meet the one and only


[my sad looking hot chocolate. mini marshmallow dah melt]

[waited for the platform number. was hoping for Platform 9 and 3/4]

[ahhh there it is, platform 8. chehhhhhh]

After 2 hours of journey, arrived safely at York Train Station. I was carrying my heavy duty bags when I realised shittt there are too many exits. which one?

Wondered around with much worries only to realise that Annette was standing riggghhhhtttt in front of me!


hat a relieve for me, now I have someone to carry my bags! heheheh

Took a bus to University of York. rest for a bit at her flat and then we went out for late lunch


Hence the reason why there is no picture of the food

York is indeed a beautiful city. Nice authentic building, nice neighborhood, friendly people and you name it. The only thing that I dont like is that shops closes early. But I think its the same at any other places in the UK. Thats how their work life balance is being maintained

After lunch, we went for some touristy attractions at York

[at the Minster]

[the most famous betty's cafe. expect long queue to get in]

I created a mission to find the best hot chocolate in the UK. So to kick start, we went to Betty's cafe, one of the must-go places when you are in York. Word has it that the long line is awaiting you once you reach the cafe, but we were lucky there was none when we were there.

[rating 3.5/5]

[had scones, chocolate cakes and hot drinks for everybody]

Love the cakes and scones. The creme for scones were light and not so cheesy. I dont feel guilty even after licking the whole condiment bowl.

Jet lagged and went back to get some beauty sleep. Story continues...



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