Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bali o Bali: Part 2

Day 2,
Setelah sukses mendaki Mt. Batur, we had a nap at Segara Hotel and packed our bags afterwards to change to a new hotel. Our driver, Gede drove us around that day and before we head to Lakeview Hotel, we went to Toya Devasya " Toya Bungkah.

Toya Devasya is famous for its natural hotspring. When I read hot springs the image that I had in mind was small hole with hot water and smokes everywhere. Can't wait to dip my tired legs in it to freshen it up. But I was wrong completely.

It is actually a set of pool (man made) that has hot water in it. So we were a little bit disappointed. So, we just relax and had lunch instead.

[my disappointed face. can you tell?]

[the surroundings]

[but this one are happy faces]

[actually we were happy that at last we had a nice picture for the 2 of us. Thanks to timer function in camera and a stable and steady platform]

Since the day before, we did not had a descent meal so to speak since we arrived quite late. We only had indomie. And in the morning the breakfast served was quite small in portion, so we were rather starving

Toya Devasya had the best lunch thus far, ermm 2 days staying that is. We had the most fresh fish cooked a-la- sweet and sour style and grilled. Thou it was a little bit pricey, but we dont really mind sbb lapar nasik u ols

[halfway through eating baru sedar tak snap picture. hehehe. thats why nasi dah tinggal sikit]

[booTak was happy. happy tummy, happy me]

[happy me too]

The total cost for the lunch was about IDR196,000 which converted to MYR its about RM66 mcm tu. Mahal la kot kan.

After lunch, Gede drove us to the Lakeview Hotel to check in. Since we were so tired, we couldnt be bothered to snap any pic. Hehehe. The hotel has website so you can google the information k.

WE took a nap which translated to almost 6 hours sleeping in the end. So tired hokie...maybe because it has been a while since I last had any hiking activities.

Since it was already dark, we did not go out and had dinner in the hotel restaurants only. The price is considered okay. IDR40,000 for meal I believe its quite affordable.

[hubby had his fish satay]



[i am one happy lady]

After dinner, we went back to our room. Watched a few stupid movies and off to bed. The next day was a total resting day as well. Had breakfast and walk around for a little before waiting for our pick up to the next villa.

[tad too excited]

[i'm watching you]

the best view...

Ouh ya, some picture of the exterior of the hotel

Next part...sooooooonnnnn



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