Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bali o Bali: Part 1

As you might have read earlier, we went to Bali for our much awaited honeymoon recently, and it was a very good one. We were dreading coming back to KL and the final day of our 7 days vacation was a tad too sad.

We chose to stay a little bit longer this time considering we had that free cuti during Maulidur Rasul, FT Day and Thaipusam. 7 was awesome

We've divided our trip to 3 little parts.

1. Adventure
2. Culture
3. Chillin

For the first part, we head to Kintamani for some climbing/hiking to do as well as to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the cool weather.

To those who has yet to have the ooportunity to visit Kintamani, this place is simply unique. The attractions at Kintamani covers the volcano, the lake as well as the spectacular view.

We had the opportunity to climb the Mount Batur, an active still volcano that had its recent explosion on 2000. But no larva, only dust and smoke but still hazardous to your health.

We were registered with C.Bali Canoeing Tours where this company are the best tour agent for things in Kintamani. The package consist of one night stay in Segara Hotel (includes breakfast), transfer from Airport, pick up to/from the trekking area, a guide for hiking as well as breakfast on top of the mountain and it cost us only 60USD (IDR550,000). That is pretty cheap considering everything is included but dont expect luxury hotel waiting for you as the facilities given are rather basis. But we dont mind at all...

We begin our adventure as early as 3.30am in the morning. Hotel owner was kind enough to wake us up in the morning and send us to the starting point. We were introduced to Wayan, our guide and we begin the climbing up hil at 4.05am

[still okay at this time. tak penat lagi]

The first 30minutes was okay, i was doing perfectly fine. My breathing was okay, pace okay not too slow not too fast. The track was a little bit sandy and rocky and I wasnt wearing the right shoe actually.

However, when the climbing reached the midddle point, it was a little bit tough. It was too steep for my liking and I was getting a little slower minute by minute, it was not a pleasent experience after all.

booTak was doing fine I must say...sigh

3/4 of the journey it really hit me. I am not fit anymore. Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....what did I get myself into and why did I let myself reached this point, unfit and unhealthy

double sigh

[my tired face]

[while hubby was extremely hyper. so the opposite and annoying]

but finally we made it through. with much push and determination, we reached the top at around 5.45am. Just in time to catch the sunrise....we did but it wasnt really clear as the weather was not really good considering the musim hujan that they are going through right now

[menuju puncak, gemilang cahaya...]

[bersama sama menuju puncak]

We were served some breakfast on top of the mountain, prpared by our tour guide. No drink provided so you have to buy one. A guy approach me whether i want to buy coca cola, 5,000IDR cheaper than what the place is charging. i felt like i was dealing in the black market thing. hehehehe


[bersetuju dengan harga minuman. tidaklah mahal sangat]

[hungry face]

[breakfast for the day, banana sandwich and boiled eggs]

Trust me, thats the best banana sandwich one can have. Hehehehe...sedap giler kot. Or maybe we ols dah lapar sangat

[such a nice day to drink tea with milk. yumssssss]

Do enjoy the mountain's beauty...

[you can see Lake Batur clearly. what a nice view]

[with the trekkers]

[isnt this beautiful....checkout the black soil on the right. thats actually larva from the previous explosion in 1936]

[booTak with Wayan, the guide]

[can you see my frosted glasses?]

We managed to reach downhill at around 8.45am in the morning. To those nature and adventure lover, this is truly the experience that you must try. I highly reccommend you to do this...

[gembira setelah tiba di kaki bukit]

Thats the end of Part 1. Part 2 soon....


fiez said...

menariksss... :)

mclarenna said...

sangat menarik. fiez mesti suka. nnt kalau fiez pg, fiez try sekali canoeing dia. hr tu kitorang tak sempat

Anonymous said...

i went to hike Gunung Batur in 2009 too. Just recently went back to Bali for the 2nd time...

Miss it... having Bali post-holiday syndrome now~~~

Nice blog btw ;-)



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