Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Selamanya, selamanya, selamanya Harimau Malaya

We did it,
Harimau Muda!
Terima kasih kerana mengembalikan kegemilangan bola sepak malaysia. It was a very very good fight. 120mins on the field with limited recovery time after their match in semi were really challenging, but they made it
Despite tonnes of obstacles encountered prior the match, boo-ed by the spectators, Negaraku was not respected by them, our Jalur Gemilang burned by the Indonesians, alhamdulillah...Allah itu maha Kaya. Allah hanya menguji hambaNya yang mampu dan tabah mengatasinya

Harimau muda was under the great pressure during last night event, nonetheless they made through. I think i better stop giving such an obvious comment like Zainal Abidin...

TV Host: Apa pendapat abang zainal dan expectation abang zainal untuk separuh masa kedua ini dari aspek permainan?

Zainal: "Saya rasa team Harimau Muda akan bermain dengan lebih baik lagi dan lebih bersungguh- sungguh"

Duhhhhh...itu makcik milah pun leh comment kot

I watched this with my hubby and MIL last night, and the house filled with me screaming and shouting most of the time

"Aduhhh, FAKRI ni apsal ni?"
"Indon play act siot"
"Bodoh punya ref, bias ar"

Three common statements made by the three of us. I cant say the same for MIL, she did not say bodoh and all hahahahha its just me and hubby. Luckily mama werent shocked with it...

apa punya menantu daaaa...

Anyway, FAKRI was the contributing factor of my high blood pressure last night. For a moment, I googled his roots to know whether or not he has indonesian blood. Just in case...

The second factor was the rude and uncivilised Indonesian fans. Negaraku did not get the proper respect as it should. I agree, we pretty much did the same for Singapore National Anthem during the last World Cup qualifying but it wasnt that bad. At least we did not boo the anthem and there was no middle finger action showing up on the TV screen. How embarassing...

We ended up winning with penalty, even under such circumstances our Harimau Muda perseverence deserve a big fat thumbs up.

Congrats Harimau Muda. Walaupun KFCM kaki clubbing, takpelah!!! He's too good for us to bother about his sucky love life. hahahhaaha

Despite the bad treatments received by our players, our condolences to the family of 2 indonesians whom their lives ended during the match, after massive stampade happened at Section 15 of Gelora Bung Karno Stadium. The total turnout for yesterday's match was close to 100k, I believe bigger than what the stadium's capacity.

Semoga kejadian begini tidak akan berlaku di negara kita yang aman damai ini. Tanah tumpahnya darahku



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