Thursday, October 6, 2011

Life, Marriage and challenges...

"Finding the right man for marriage is the second challenge. The first challenge is to be the right woman that a right man wants to marry."

(Taken from A Girl's Say)

15 days to go...

and yah I am not going to talk about my wedding preparation here. Instead it feels right to talk about the preparation to enter marriage.

booTak asked me a question yesterday, "are you ready to get married?"

You might wonder what was my reaction towards that? Some might think that I might throw a fighting scream

"hey, apa soalan ni?

u ingat I tak ready ke?

Kenapa awak fikir macam ni?

This is just not fair to ask me this now"


I didnt...

The first 4 awkward seconds I was just there, keeping it silent and trying to find the right answer only to realise there is no right answer to this question. Your answer wasnt supposed to please your other half, instead the answer should please you and makes you feel comfortable with it.

My answer "Yes, I am ready"

I know in my heart that I am ready for this.

Often we notice nowadays couples who wants to get married are focusing their energy to get the perfect wedding. What we should be focusing actually is to the journey afterwards, the marriage itself. We have to set a goal, an objective so we know the hurdle that we have to go through in the preparation is actually nothing. Greater things awaits us the moment he finally say his lafaz, accepting his responsibility to be the husband and for you to be his wife.

Ive seen one lavish and super cool wedding, and the couple divorced 6 months later. My first reaction was "aiyak, wasted only money spent on the wedding". I wasnt on the right track as well, that moment I should be thinking how frustrating that such a holly ikatan can be broken after only 6 months.

I realise marriage takes even greater effort and challenges than the wedding itself...and I am ready for that. I've found the right man (insyaAllah), now I just have to be the right woman to be with my right man....



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