Wednesday, September 7, 2011

SAVE THE DATE: Goodbye Singlehood

Salam & Surpriseeeeee! *NOT*

I guess some of you may have noticed that I'm engaged recently. Thanks to those who uploaded my engagement pictures, now its no longer a surpise event. *boohoo*

So yah, I am regret to inform that I can no longer brag about singlehood but I am happy to announce that by the blessing and will of Allah SWT, I will be marrying the love of my life whom I met with the help of magical power of match-making...! Go cupid!

Sadly, he still thinks wearing dirty sneakers is awesome (he probably would wear those to our wedding *slaps forehead*), but he makes me smile whenever I hear his name mentioned and still manage to give me all sort of butterflies whenever he's around. I wonder how he does that. Pfffttttt!

Okay enough of sappiness, lets get back to business. I'd love for you guys to come and sharing the day with us. Promise you, no cheesy love songs!

So, please Save the Date ~22 October 2011~ for a day of joy, happiness and eternity to follow

Ouh ya, kindly drop me your address for the sending of invitation cards. This message is applicable for those who thinks they wont see me before the wedding date. Whoever that has eye contact with me for the next 40 days ur invi card will be flying to you pretty soon *winks*


Nana Ali + Rizhan Razif


biwako said...

so happy for u;-) can't wait for your big day!

a.m.n.i.n.a said...

Tahniah sis! :)

intz said...

c u 2moro kak nana!
mesti sgt chantekk


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